Why Does HDX Weed Killer Get Discontinued?

Why Does HDX Weed Killer Get Discontinued? Facts At a Glance

Many weed killers are available in the market and the HDX Weed Killer is one of the most popular ones. The HDX Weed Killer is perfect for killing perennial or annual weeds, grasses, or other unnecessary weeds. There are a lot of talks about HDX Weed Killer in the last several years. Many countries have already stopped using it.

So, Why does HDX weed killer get discontinued? What are the facts?

HDX weed killer was discontinued because of the over composition of harmful chemicals. HDX weed killers contain 41% glyphosate and 59% other ingredients. Its working mechanism is similar to Roundup weed killer.

Many countries already banned using RoundUp which was found as “probably carcinogenic” in several studies by scientists. Since HDX weed killer is similar to RoundUp, many people around the world stop using it as it may possess a risk to human life.

Let’s learn “Why HDX weed killer get discontinued? What are the facts?” in more detail.

Why Does HDX Weed Killer Get Discontinued? What Are The Facts?

What Are The Facts about the HDX Weed Killer get banned?

As per the manufacturer’s claim, the HDX Weed Killer can effectively kill any weeds within a short time. According to garden experts, a weed killer must have at least 41% of Glyphosate to kill most weeds.

Though HDX Weed Killer has the right amount of Glyphosate, their business doesn’t get succeed as much as Round-UP did. The reason is that people are becoming more health-conscious and they are shifting to the least harmful weed killers to reduce the risk associated with it.

However, recent studies found that how higher the Glyphosate is, if you follow the manufacturer’s direction strictly to apply the weed killer, there should not be any problem using it.

Lack of knowledge

Beginners may face difficulty to use this solution if they don’t understand how to apply HDX weed killer appropriately. If followed wrongly, they may kill their lawns, other plants, and weeds.

Glyphosate is a sensitive compound. They destroy everything that comes close. That’s why people often follow the wrong direction and end up ruining their beautiful lawns.

Newbies may fear that they can’t follow the manufacturer’s instructions appropriately and harm their lawns and plants.

Safety Concerns

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As one of our consumers asked, you should store HDX weed killer below 34 degrees of Fahrenheit in a solid plastic jar. We have recommended one for you.

Using HDX weed killer requires you to be highly conscious. You must keep your pets or children away while applying the solution to your garden. Also, keeping the container of weed killer free from children and pets is crucial.

This poisonous product may get inside their body through breath or direct mouth. That’s why parents often fear using the product as their children or pets may get it accidentally.

Negative Perspectives

If you have used any weed killers in the past, you have most probably heard about Round-Up weed killers. However, have you heard about HDX weed killer? Maybe or maybe not!

A couple from California filed a lawsuit against Bayer. Bayer has been producing Round Up weed killer for several decades. The couple used Round-Up weed killer for around 30 years and they mentioned in the lawsuit states that this product is the main reason behind their cancer.

After several years of the judicial procession, Bayer was asked to pay $2 billion in punitive damages to the couple. And, Bayer promised to remove the glyphosate ingredients from Round Up within 2023.

This incident affects the image of the HDX weedkiller manufacturer. Since both products have almost similar ingredients, people think this product may also harm them like Round-Up.

Is the HDX Weed Killer (Glyphosate) Bad for You?

Though HDX Weed Killer is not as popular as Round-Up, the weed killer got particular attention since many people used it as an alternative to Round-Up.

Is the HDX Weed Killer Glyphosate Bad for You?

Using the HDX Weed Killer requires you to be a lot of care. The manufacturer claims it won’t cause any problems if users follow the right directions. But people are still questioning their safety as already many glyphosate-based weed killers are proven not 100% safe.

Though it may not be 100% true, these are the probable issues users may experience.

Probability of Having Cancer

Glyphosate-based weed killers like HDX may cause cancer. Several studies were done in various ways such as test tube analysis, animal analysis, etc.

Moreover, researchers tested glyphosate-based weed killers on rats and mice. It caused them tumors. But, it didn’t show similar results for all human beings.

Many people including farmers were found to have some cancer symptoms, while others didn’t have any symptoms at all.

Affecting Gut Bacteria

HDX weed killer may effectively gut bacteria. Humans have hundreds of gut bacteria. Some of these bacteria are helpful in keeping us healthy and fit. Using HDX weed killers may affect these bacteria negatively.

Further, HDX weed killers may make the harmful bacteria more strong, meaning you may become sick easily. However, the studies are not 100% proven. So, before giving a final conclusion about it, we must go through in-depth research.

Glyphosate Substances

Not all people are affected due to the use of HDX weed killers, especially people who have followed all the safety directions before using them.

Users, who didn’t follow the safety standard and worked very closely, have faced several health issues. Glyphosate substances were found in their urine and blood.

Some pregnant women who have worked as farmers also experienced problems during their pregnancy.

Besides, few farm workers in Sri Lanka are affected with chronic kidney disease from using Glyphosate-based weed killers.

Reasons For Glyphosate Alternatives

Glyphosate-based weed killers don’t only harm human beings and animals, but also our environment. When you apply the solution to weeds, it reaches the top layer of soil and deteriorates the soil quality.

However, it is pretty hard to control weed without using Glyphosate. That’s why many people are still using Glyphosate though they know it is harming them, their pets, and their surrounding environments.

Controlling weeds without Glyphosate is time-consuming. It doesn’t work as effectively as Glyphosate weed killers do.

How To Kill Weeds Without HDX Weed Killer?

How to Kill Weeds without HDX Weed Killer?

Though using organic products are not as fruitful as Glyphosate weed killers, you can at least ensure they are harm-free for our lives. Here are some common natural weed killers you can try.



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Our houses are incomplete without vinegar. But do you know you can utilize this easily accessible ingredient to kill weeds?

Several gardeners reported that they got effective results to remove weeds by using industrial or horticultural vinegar. Make sure the vinegar you choose at least has 20% acetic acid compound. This makes the compound more powerful.

Though it is risk-free, you should still wear all protective gear to remain safe while applying the solution.

Fairway Greenview Weed Preventer

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Fairway which is also known as Greenview has recently become a popular alternative to Glyphosate weed killers. Gardeners are also happy to see its noteworthy results. Removing hard and large weeds requires you do several applications routinely.

However, they are most effective in dealing with sidewalk cracks, gravel driveways, etc. Makes sure you don’t use it if there is any fuel nearby.

Organic weed killers

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You will find several organic weed killers in online and physical stores. They are mostly made from citrus oil, clove oil, vinegar, or lemon juice. Don’t forget to check the weed killer label carefully before applying it. You might need to follow some crucial things that you don’t know.

Essential oils

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There are different types of essential oils you can use such as pine, wintergreen peppermint, citronella, cinnamon, etc. Dogs and cats should be away from some essential oils since they are harmful to them. So, make the pet out of the zone while applying them.

Corn gluten

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This product is mainly made from corn starch processing, which is a dry powder. It is entirely safe. However, instead of removing weeds, it only slows down the growth of weeds. It should be your last option if no other options are not favored by you.

Final Thought

Controlling weeds is a messy task. It just grows without reason. Since natural products take a lot of time to remove, our other plants are harmed because of it. That’s why many gardeners and farmers prefer to use HDX weed killers or other glyphosate-based weed killers to quickly remove them.

Make sure you follow the safety rules strictly to avoid risk and other accidents. If you already have any health issues, contact your doctor to have suggestions regarding this issue. If possible, try to choose natural options. Though their process will be slow, they will be at least safe for you, and your surrounding environments.

Hopefully, this article provided you with a clear view of “Why does HDX weed killer get discontinued? What are the facts?”

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