How to Remove Dog Hair From Bedspread

How To Remove Dog Hair From Bedspread? 15 Steps At a Glance

Snuggling with your favorite pet or dog on your bed is probably the biggest joy for you in the whole world. Your pet’s body warmth ensures you that you are not lonely or alone when you are unhappy or feeling down. However, one concerning side of cuddling with your pet is that your dog’s hair is left on the bed. Thus to clean it, you need to know how to remove dog hair from bedspread.

So, At a Glance, how to remove dog hair from bedspread?

Number of StepsWhat Should be The Activity?
1Groom Your Dog
2Use a Lint Roller
3Moisture Remedy
4Use Rubber Gloves to Clean Pet Hairs
5Washing the Bedding
6The Squeegee
7Use Rubber Brush
8Make Use of the Dryer
9Use a Damp Duster
10Dry Microfiber Cloth
11Pet-Friendly Fabrics
12Fabric Softener
13Rubber Shoe Soles
15Velcro Swatches

For sharing your happiness or loneliness, undoubtedly, a pet or dog is the best pal. But for sharing love with your dog on the bed, you have to pay the price, and that is dog hair on beds everywhere. However, cleaning the dog’s fur requires much patience. And you need to know how to remove dog hair from comforter.

So, in this article, we will discuss all the details on how to remove dog hair from your bedspread. But, first, let’s start the discussion:

How To Remove Dog Hair From Bedspread?

The easy ways of removing dog hair from your bedspread are the following: 

Step 1 – Groom Your Dog

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Grooming your pet or dog is a preventive measure through which you can ensure your bed has less pet hair. The healthy coat of a well-trained or well-groomed dog provides that there will be no considerable fur around your house, including the mattress. Regularly brush the coat of your dog.

And lately, if your dog is shedding too much, you can take the professional groomer’s help. The professional dog groomer will help you to keep the dog’s coat healthy and lustrous. You can also use the vacuum cleaner on a lower setting if your dog can tolerate its sound. You can use the vacuum cleaner to remove your dog coat’s extra fur. While discussing how to remove dog hair from comforter, the vacuum cleaner is undoubtedly a good option.

Step 2 – Use a Lint Roller

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So, do you know how to remove dog hair from bedspread? Actually, using a lint roller is the easiest and quickest way of removing pet hair from your quilt. Some lint roller comes with fragile but sticky paper sheets, and easily the sheet can peel away. The lint roller works great for attracting your pet or dog’s fur stuck on your bed.

However, if a lint roller is not available in your home, don’t worry. You can use packing tape. Roll the packing tape, which is available to your hand, then sticky side up. Then properly rub your hand with the sticky side up on your bedding, and this rubbing will also serve the same purpose. And it is definitely one of the best answers to your question of “how to remove dog hair from comforter.”

For getting rid of your dog’s hair, you can use a simple lint roller following the easy steps below:

  • Remove your bed’s dust by properly shaking your bedding, and shaking will lose the pet’s hair from the bed.
  • Now ensure the easy accessibility of each corner by straightening your bedding.
  • Continuously roll your lint roller until there is full of fur in the adhesive strip.
  • Now reveal a new and fresh sticky surface by peeling off the above strip.
  • Again roll continuously as long as all the hair is removed from your bedding.

Step 3 – Moisture Remedy

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Still, if you are not satisfied with the two answers to your question, “how to remove dog hair from bedspread,” then you can follow this third method. You can try to clean the pet’s fur from your bed using the moisture remedy. Also, this option is best for you if you are looking for an answer to know “how to get dog hair off comforter in washing machine.”

At first, take your comforter outside and vigorously shake it. Shaking it continuously will help you lose the dog’s hair from the pet as much as possible. Also, you can use a brush attachment to vacuum your bedding. If there remains any fur in your bed, you can clean it by taking a damp sponge. Take it and properly wipe your comforter.

Over your bed sheet, properly wipe the moist sponge and ensure that your bed is now free from fur. Also, you can buy a pet or dog-friendly blanket. Then, encourage your dog to stay on the mantle and don’t go on the comforter. Following this, you can also cuddle with your pet on your bed. And you don’t need to worry much about the pet’s hair on the bed.

Step 4 – Use Rubber Gloves to Clean Pet Hairs

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Easily you can clean the dog’s hair from your bedsheet using a pair of rubber gloves. However, if you are looking for an answer to know “how to get dog hair off comforter in washing machine,” this option is not ideal for you. Instead, using a pair of rubber gloves, you can remove the dog’s hair from your blanket, bedding, and comforters.

Just wear gloves and over your bedding properly rub your hands continuously. The dog’s hair will accumulate on the fur ball with the help of the rubber. Moreover, picking the fur using the rubber gloves is more accessible, and you can gently throw the coat away. If the bedding has any spots, dip your rubber gloves in water and accumulate more dog’s hair by repeatedly rubbing it.

Have a towel, rag cloth, or trash on your bedding’s side. You can wipe off your dog’s hair between the swipes by using a towel. Prevent the fur’s escaping into the air by discarding the fur balls on the bedside trash can. The fur ball is robust friction material. And it helps to lose even the stuck stubborn dog’s hair on your bed’s fabric. However, wiping the fur nubs provides additional resistance.  

You can clean the stubborn dog’s hair from your blankets by slightly dipping your rubber gloves in the water. Next, wipe the dog’s coat using a wet towel or accompanying rage and swipe the rag on the entire blanket. This process will help to keep your rubber gloves clean and enables you to run the whole cleaning process smoothly.

Step 5 – Washing the Bedding

Washing the Bedding

Frequently washing your bedding is an effective way to get rid of your pet’s hair. If you are trying to get an answer to know “how to get dog hair off blankets,” then this option is perfect for you. Going through this option will give you a clear idea. However, for getting the best answer and excellent satisfactory results, follow the washing cycle’s below:

  • First, keep your bed sheets, comforter, and blankets in a dry place and use a lint trap to clean them. Capture as much pet hair as possible using multiple drying options.
  • You can also trap your dog’s remaining hair by releasing the hot air in the tumbling action. To avoid any unrecognized hazards, you can clean your lint trap after completing each washing cycle.
  • However, run the wash cycle later but first use a no-heat mode in a dryer to run the bedding. Within your dryer, this will undoubtedly create a toppling action. Also, you will be able to remove your pet’s hair using this option.
  • Once your laundering becomes complete, remove the additional stuck pet hair by running the rinse cycle in the washer. Running the rinse cycle will ensure that your next laundry load will not get with the extra pet fur.

This method is perfect for those looking for an answer to know “how to get dog hair off comforter in washing machine.” Don’t wash too many clothes at a time in your washing machine and don’t overcrowd it. Ensure that your bedding moves freely inside the device by allowing enough space for it. This process will easily allow the hair to escape from both the bedsheet and drain.

Step 6 – The Squeegee

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You have to lay your blanket flat on the floor by using a squeegee. Now use a handheld option. This option is another answer to your question, “how to remove dog hair from bedspread’. However, while holding your fabric’s top portion, you want to make complex and short strokes to create tension.

Apply this method right now, and this method can help remove the dog’s fur up to 95% from your bedsheet and comforter. However, wipe your squeegee using a handy cloth at the end of the technique.

Step 7 – Use Rubber Brush

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For your blankets, this rubber brush is another static-center DIY. You have to lay your comforter or blanket flat to apply this method. Then hold your blanket’s top portion or on the end of something you can secure your comforter or blanket.

However, tucking the blanket’s end under the mattress is convenient and easy. For building up the static, use quick and short brushing strokes. Now using a cloth or towel, you will be able to remove the fur stick to the rubber.

When the building up of a dog’s hair on your bedding becomes a persistent problem, you can easily collect those hairs using a good-quality rubber broom. These tiny nubbies or rubber brushes are much more practical options for loosening up your pet’s stubborn hairs. In addition, using the rubber broom brush is an effective method for removing the dog’s hair from the bedsheets and car interiors. Thus you can keep one broom in your car too.

Step 8 – Make Use of the Dryer

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So are you still eager to get the best option and want to know “how to remove dog hair from bedspread?” If yes, this method will definitely help you get to know another way of cleaning the fur from your bedsheet. Use your dryer to clean the bedsheet’s skin and follow the easy steps below:

  • Make use of your dryer.
  • Put your pet’s hair-infested clothes in the washing machines dryer.
  • Now to the laundry load, add some dryer sheets. The anti-static property of the dryer sheet will lose the dog’s hair from the laundry fabric and will help to repel the dog’s coat.
  • Now switch on your washing machine’s dryer and set the dryer at the too-low option. In fact, you could select the dryer option to have no heat at all. The dryer’s tumbling action sets the process of removing the dog’s hair in motion.
  • The dog’s hair will loosen up once the fabrics tumble, allowing the hair strands to fall out easily from the bedsheet. The lint trap will easily catch the dog hair strands.
  • Allow the dryer to tumble for some time by switching it off. Now check your bedsheet to see whether the dog’s hair is adequately removed or not. If you are not satisfied with the hair removal degree, you can put your bedsheet or comforter in the dryer to complete another cycle.

Step 9 – Use a Damp Duster

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Over your comforter or bedding, lightly run a damp duster to gather your dog’s hair and pick the hair as you go. Also, you can use a wet mop to pick your pet’s fur from the floor. Moreover, you can quickly and easily get rid of your dog’s hair by using a damp broom. The static charge of bristles helps to attract the fur, and also it easily captures the dog’s fur from the bed.

Step 10 – Dry Microfiber Cloth

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You probably have heard a lot about the dry microfiber cloth numerous uses like cleaning mirrors, window glasses, etc. By creating static electricity, this dry microfiber cloth helps you remove the hair from your bedsheet. After rubber gloves or rubber squeegees methods, you can use this method to remove your bedding or comforter’s remaining hair stuck.

Step 11 – Pet-Friendly Fabrics

You can have pet-friendly fabric-made bedding if your pet love to cuddle with you on your bedding. The pet-friendly fabrics bedding is the best option for those who have a pet in their home and love to share their bed with their pet.

However, you should avoid fabrics that are made of corduroy, velour, loose-knit materials, and velvet because these materials attract pet hair more. However, natural fabrics such as cotton and wool also attract huge pet hair compared to synthetic materials.

Due to the synthetic fiber’s static nature, the synthetic material bedding also attracts hair to a greater extent. Satin is the best pet-friendly bedsheet material. As satin is a shiny material, so fur can’t stick more on it. Instead, the fur slip easily.

Step 12 – Fabric Softener

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You can easily remove your dog’s hair from the bedsheet to the surface by using a fabric softener. For achieving satisfactory results, use water and mix a small amount of fabric softener. Now use the fabric softener mixture in the area of your bedsheet, which is covered with the dog’s hair.

The fabric softener greatly helps to loosen up the hair, and for cleaning your bedding, you can use other methods also.

Step 13 – Rubber Shoe Soles

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When you don’t have the above options available in your hand to apply, you can use the shoe’s rubber soles such as cowboy or trainers boots. You can use these to pick up the dog’s hair from the bedding. However, before bringing the shoe in contact with the fabric, make sure that the shoe’s soles are not dirty.

For efficiently doing this task, wear your shoe and drag gently and softly your foot on and above your bedding. This will cause bunching up the pet’s hair, and the hair will form a ball. Then you can easily lift your dog’s hairball from the bedding and discard it. Keep rubbing your soles on the floor or surface until you effectively and efficiently remove all the dog’s hair from your bed.

Step 14 – Cello-Tape

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You can use this quick-fix option when the other tools or methods are not available. For example, wrap a cello tape around a tennis racket or bat with the sticky side up. Now move the tape-wrapped object effectively around your bedding and allow the dog’s hair to stick to the tape.

Once ultimately the tape becomes covered with the dog’s hair, you have to replace it with a new tape. Until the dog’s coat is removed from your bed, you have to follow these steps continuously.

Step 15 – Velcro Swatches

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Velcro swatches can easily pick up the pet or dog’s hair and other smallest fibers too. You can buy and get a large swatch from the local craft store to remove the dog’s coat from the bed. Alternatively, you can buy a significantly large Velcro hair curler to get better results. Then, gently move the Velcro swatches over your bedding to attract the dog’s hair as much as possible.

Final Words

So, after reading the above article, you hopefully now know how to remove dog hair from bedspread. All the methods mentioned above are practical enough for removing the dog’s hair from your bedsheet. You can use any method from the above according to your convenience.

So, now you don’t have to worry about getting dog hair off blankets as by focusing on any of the methods described above, you can quickly get rid of it. All the processes are safe enough, using which you can lose the pet or dog’s hair from the bedsheet and remove them. Make sure you are incredibly cozy and comfortable with your pet. And avoid worrying about the dog’s hair issue while cuddling with your dog on the bed.

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