How To Dye A Bedspread In The Washing Machine?

How To Dye A Bedspread In The Washing Machine? Expert’s Review

Those who never used dye in their washing machine often ask how to dye a bedspread in the washing machine. Sometimes people become nervous about dying their bedspread in the washing machine, and it’s nothing new. Because the dye color may spread in the washing machine.

So, at a glance, How To Dye A Bedspread In The Washing Machine?

  • Step 1 – Check For Stains
  • Step 2 – Pre-wash
  • Step 3 – Place It In Washing Machine
  • Step 4 – Adjust The Temperature
  • Step 5 – Maintain Safety
  • Step 6 – Dye The Linen or Natural Fibers
  • Step 7 – Add Detergent
  • Step 8 – Start The Cycle
  • Step 9 – Remove Detergent Cup
  • Step 10 – Flush The Dispenser
  • Step 11 – Use Rit Color

However, don’t worry if you use Rit during dying your bedspread. It will not stain any type of metal component permanently in your machine. Rit has been one of the important components to use in washing machines for decades. 

Moreover, using Rit in the washing machine is also easier. So using Rit, you can be confident that there will be no stain on your washing machine, and it will stay dye-free for years.

The following table contains the estimate of how much dye you require. If you want to create a very bold color, you should use the dye in a double ratio.

Size Ingredients Fabric’s Dry Weight Liquid Powder

Gloves, tights, t-shirt, lingerie, socks, shirt, blouse, pillow cover, vest, dollies, placement, sheer curtains
Up to 0.5 Kg ¼ to ½ bottle ½ to 1 box
MediumPants, Jeans, Uniform, dust ruffle, skirt, dress, sweatshirt, canvas tote bag, tablecloth0.5 kg to 0.7 kg ½ to 1 bottle 1 to 2 boxes 
Large Draperies, 2 pillowcases plus sheet, washcloths plus 4 hand towels, curtains 1.8 kg to 2.7 kg 2 to 3 bottles 4 to 6 boxes 
Extra Medium Sweater, denim jacket, jogging suit, bath mat0.7 kg to 1.5 kg1.2 bottles 2 to 3 boxes

At A Glance

How To Dye A Bedspread In The Washing Machine? – Step By Step Guide

For dying your bedspread in your washing machine, follow the steps by steps guide below:

Step 1 – Check For Stains

First, check your bedspread’s visible stains, and before starting to die, remove all those stains from your bedsheet. Removing the stains in advance will result in uniform color after dying.

Step 2 – Pre-wash

Pre-wash your bedspread in soapy and warm water. Don’t use any fabric softener in washing clothes. Pre-washing helps to remove the residue or finishes. Any finishes remaining in the bedsheet will interfere with perfect dye absorption.

Step 3 – Place It In Washing Machine

Now wet your bedsheet and then place it in your washing machine.

Step 4 – Adjust The Temperature

Select the hottest possible setting to set the temperature of the water. Then select a longer wash cycle of more than 30 minutes. If your bedspread remains in the dye for a longer time, it will absorb more color, and the result will be a bold color.

Step 5 – Maintain Safety

Wear rubber gloves in your hand, and then mix the well-shaken liquid dye and powder together in very hot water. Make sure you stir it well.

Step 6 – Dye The Linen or Natural Fibers

Take a separate container and use it for dissolving the salt of 240 ml and very hot water of 950 ml. This amount you need to dissolve when you are dying linen or cotton-type natural fibers. So if your bedsheet is made of nylon or silk, mix hot tap water of 470-950 ml and white vinegar of 340 ml.

Step 7 – Add Detergent

Add detergent by 5 ml to help to promote the dyeing level.

Step 8 – Start The Cycle

Now start the cycle in your washing machine.

Step 9 – Remove Detergent Cup

From the detergent tray, remove its detergent cup.

Step 10 – Flush The Dispenser

On the dispenser, pour your dye solution. After pouring the dye solution, now pour the vinegar or salt solution. Now use more than 950 ml of hot tap water for flushing the dispenser.

Step 11 – Use Rit Color

Use Rit color to reduce your bed spreading color bleeding and enhance the color. So before washing and immediately after your bedspread dyeing, follow all these instructions.

How to Clean the Washing Machine After Dyeing?

How To Dye A Bedspread In The Washing Machine?

After dyeing your bedspread in your washing machine, it may leave any color stain or residue in it. So you need to clean it properly just after completing the dyeing. To clean your washing machine, follow the steps below:

  • Wipe around your washing machine’s lid inside
  • Pour a little bleach through the machine’s internal dispenser because dyes can get stuck in this internal dispenser area.
  • Up to the highest water level, fill your machine’s washer.
  • Select the setting of the hottest water temperature
  • Add chlorine bleach 470 ml with detergent.
  • With three old towels, run the wash cycle at full speed.

How To Dye The Bedspread In Solid Color?

Do you know how you can dye the bedsheet in solid color? This is a part of your question about how to dye a bedspread in the washing machine. So let’s dive into the process. For dying your bedspread in solid color, follow the easy steps below:

Step 1: Without Detergent, Wash Your Bedsheet in Hot Water

How To Dye The Bedspread In Solid Color

If you are going to dye a new bed sheet, you should wash it first. At first, washing it is essential because the new fabric may be rigid, and it may not absorb the dye color in its new condition. You should also wash your old bed sheet because usually you use the old sheet after years and it contains oils and dirt.

The oil and dirt hinder your bedsheet’s fabric capacity to absorb the dye properly. However, also keep in mind the following:

  • If your bedsheet has any dark or large stains, first lighten the strains by soaking the sheet material in the tint remover.
  • Once the stain becomes lighter, then use hot water to wash it.
  • Avoid drying your bedsheet completely. The slightly wet material more evenly accepts the dye.

Step 2: Using 120-140 Degree Fahrenheit Water Fill Your Bathtub’s 1/3

How To Dye The Bedspread In Solid Color - Using 120-140 Degree Fahrenheit Water Fill Your Bathtub

Turn to the hottest setting of your tap and wait for a minute to let it run. Then fill the third way of a bathtub. Ensure your bedsheets are completely submerged by filling the tub with enough water. However, another fact is that you will hardly get the dye color you want if you use too much or excessive water to fill the bathtub. So the other considering factors are:

  • The water heater’s setting in most households remains between 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit. Your tap’s temperature is hot enough.
  • By using hotter water, you will receive a good result. If 120 degrees Fahrenheit is the water heater’s setting, you can add hot water to increase the temperatures. Boil a pot on the stove and add the hot water to your bathtub’s water to increase the temperature.
  • You can also use a large container or bucket to pour hot water.

Step 3: Follow the Package Instructions and Then Mix the Fabric Dye

Depending on the brand, the instructions vary on how you will mix the dye with your bedspread. Also, the dye type you use for coloring is an important determining factor. Generally, the rule is to pour 1-2 cups of dye into the boiling water. Doing this will ensure that it will mix more after adding the dye to the bath. The other factors are:

  • For dying one bedspread, a single dye box is enough. However, depending on your preference, you can use the dye of 2 boxes to get a very bright or dark color.
  • Dylon, Tulip, and Rit dyes are some easy-to-use and popular fabric dye brands.

Step 4: Stir In 1 Cup of Salt and Dye

Stir In 1 Cup of Salt and Dye

After mixing the dye, pour the mixed dye into your container or bathtub’s hot water. Then to the dye mixture, add the table salt to 1 cup. Now use a long stick or long-handled spoon to stir everything. So the main point of these steps are:

  • The dye mixture will absorb more perfectly and evenly because of the salt.
  • Add the salt in 2 cups while using the dye’s two boxes.

Step 5: Continuously Stir The Bedspread By Submerging It In The Dye Bath

After placing your bedspread in the water, don’t bunch it up. Place the bedsheet into the container or bathtub. Then using the stick or spoon around the water, swish the sheet. At least for 10 minutes, keep it stirring. Then every 3-5 minutes, stir the sheet as long as the dye won’t absorb properly. However, consider the following points also:

  • Stir your bedspread to ensure it is free from wrinkles or any type of folds. If the sheet has any wrinkles or folds, it will fail to penetrate.
  • For stirring, wearing long gloves is a very good idea. The long gloves will keep the stain-free from your hands even if you accidentally touch them.

Step 6: For 30 Minutes, Leave Your Bedspread in Dye

To get a vibrant color, you must soak your bedsheet in the dye for ½ hour. Also, you need to stir it regularly. However, if you are satisfied with the color earlier, you can lift your bedspread from the water in half an hour. Taking out the sheet early from the water is also okay. The noteworthy points are:

  • If you fail to achieve your desired color, for a little longer time, you can leave your bedspread in the water

Step 7: Remove Your Bedsheet And Drain Your Bathtub

If you are satisfied with the dye color your bedspread achieved, lift your bedsheet out of the container or bathtub. Now remove the excess dye by squeezing as much as possible. Then from your bathtub, remove the stopper and rinse the bedsheet properly. So the other points to keep in mind are:

  • If you use a large plastic container for putting your bedspread, it will help you more after you wring your bedsheet out.
  • Allow your washing machine to run the spin cycle continuously while you are using it.

Step 8: In Cold Water, Rinse Your Bedspread Thoroughly

Open the tap and hold the sheet under it. As long as the water doesn’t run clearly, rinse it continuously. Several minutes may require for rinsing the bedspread. Thoroughly rinsing your bedspread’s dye is important, so patiently do it. Also, rinse your bucket and bathtub as well to clean them properly.

Step 9: Again, With Cold Water and Mild Detergent, Wash Your Bedspread

After finishing the excess dye rinsing, you should now wash your bedspread by hand or place it in the washing machine. Use mild detergent or cold water for washing it. Rinsing it properly will help to remove your bedspread’s remaining residue and set the dye perfectly. The important points in this step are:

  • After finishing the rinsing process, place your bedsheet in the dryer or hang it outside to dry. Then enjoy your bed’s new look. You can show it off by taking the dyed sheet to the picnic spot or near the beach.
  • For the first time, wash your sheet separately, wash it in cold water and keep it separate from other clothing. Even if any dye remains in the sheet, it will not mix with the other clothes. The color remains longer if you preserve your dye sheet in cold water.

How To Tie-Dying Your Bedspread?

How To Tie-Dying Your Bedspread?

For tie-dying your bedsheet, follow the easy steps below:

Step 1: Use Hot Water for Washing Your Bedspread, But Don’t Dry It

Your clean and wet bedsheet will more evenly absorb the dye. So clean the bedsheet first by running it through the washing machine before dying it. Skip the detergent to clean but use hot water; otherwise, residue may remain on your bedsheet. However, the best fabric for tie-dying is a light-colored sheet made of rayon or cotton.

Step 2: Place a Dropcloth On Your Workstation

One of the messy dying processes is tie-dying. So for protecting your table, floor, or other working areas, spreading out some sort of Dropcloth or tarp is a very good idea. If you don’t have a cloth in your hand or near you, open your garbage bags and cut down some old clothes. Then spread these clothes to your working areas.

Step 3: According to Package Directions, Mix the Dye in a Bucket

Buy a tie-dye kit, and it’s the easiest way of dying your bedsheet. The kit contains dye in various colors, squeeze bottles or containers, and rubber bands. Following the package’s directions, you can easily mix up your tie-dye. 

Step 4: Secure Your Bedspread with Rubber Bands by Twisting It 

Grab your bedspread’s center to create a traditional tie-dye pattern, and twist it. Around a long sphere, tightly wrap the rubber bands, and the space should be in between them is 4-5 inches. You have to fold your bedspread to make geometric patterns tie-dye. 

Step 5: Put the Gloves in Your Hand and Dip Your Bedspread into the Dye

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Wearing rubber or plastic gloves protects your hands. Now take your bedsheet’s one end in hand and dip it into the dye for 10-15 seconds. However, using one color is easy and simple. Just submerge the entire bedsheet into the tie-dye bin. 

But you have to dip your bedspread’s numerous areas specifically into each color while you are tie-dying with multiple colors. Whichever you follow, ensure your bedspread is fully mixed with the dye. 

Step 6: Now, Place Your Bedspread In A Single Container By Removing It From The Dye 

To ensure the deep soaking of dye in your bedspread’s twists, you need to keep it in a particular container in an undisturbed situation. Place your tie-dyed bedsheet in a container, plastic bin, or bag and wait for 20 minutes. 

Step 7: Unfold Your Bedsheet By Removing The Rubber Bands 

Cutaway or unwrap the plastic or rubber bands once the tie-dye is properly soaked into your bedspread. Now it’s time to admire your work by holding your sheet up. 

Step 8: Use Cold Water to Rinse Your Bedspread

Use Cold Water to Rinse Your Bedspread

Rinse out your bedspread properly to clean the excess dye from it. Hold your bedsheet under the running cold water. As long as the water doesn’t run clear, you have to rinse your bedspread completely. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do you wash a bed sheet after dyeing? 

After dyeing, you should wash your bedsheet in cold water. Also, you should wash it separately from other clothes. Otherwise, the dye color could mix in it. 

2. How do you dye a bedspread with tea? 

From the tea, the plant fibers perfectly absorb the dye. This implies that more tea can control your bedspread’s shade and color by adding tea. Similar to the other type of dyes, to penetrate the bedspread’s fibers, tea needs hot water. 

3. How do you dye clothes in Wash? 

Wet your clothes and place those in your washing machine. Set the hottest possible water temperature and run 30 minutes or longer wash cycle. You will get darker color from your dye when the cloth will remain in the dye for longer. 

Final Words 

So after going through the above discussion now, you know how to dye a bedspread in the washing machine. We discussed all the methods in detail, including their step-by-step guide. Hopefully, after following the above guide, you will now dye your bedspread in the washing machine by yourself. 

Following the above methods, you can dye your bedspread made of nylon, cotton, linen, silk, and wool. However, if your bedsheet is made of acetate or polyester, it would not accept the dye properly. So be careful of it. Following all the above techniques, you can also dye your shirts, pants, or other garments. 

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