Does Weed Killer Kill Dandelions?

Does Weed Killer Kill Dandelions? How To Kill Dandelions Using Natural Weed Killers?

Do you know what a weed like dandelion symbolizes? Growth, hope, and healing! Though dandelions are beneficial in many ways, such as making wine and using them in salads, they are still not suitable for growing in gardens. They disrupt other plants’ growth because they spread easily and have longer roots up to 3feet long.

Does weed killer kill dandelions?

Yes, weed killers can kill dandelions. You can use both natural and chemical-based weed killers to remove them from your garden. Killing them while they are young is a good rule of thumb to discourage further growth.  

There are many things to learn about “Does weed killer kill dandelions?” Just read on to learn them!

Why Are Dandelions Difficult To Remove?

Why Are Dandelions Difficult To Remove?

There are many super sturdy weeds that are extremely tough to control, and dandelions are one of them. 

They have a natural super sturdy structure, making them long-lasting to live. The way they grow allows them to avoid your mower blades, so they easily evade them.

Whether you add fertilizer to the soil or not, dandelions can produce a massive amount of seeds. Their parachute-like seeds structure allows them to move freely from one spot to another quickly and easily. Thus, they multiply rapidly. 

The more you delay controlling these weeds, the more weeds will grow. It will ultimately be pretty hard to handle all of them. That’s why it is better to control and kill them before they become grown-up or at least before the blooming period. 

Best Weed Killers to Kill Dandelions 

A lot of organic and chemical weed killers are available in the market that works effectively to kill dandelions. Here are some of them:

Product NameBest field to use
Preen StepSaver Weed ControlBest Multi-purpose weed killer
Ortho Groundclear Vegetation KillerBest rain and moisture-proof weed killer
Southern AG Amine 2,4-D Weed KillerBest quick working weed killer
Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed KillerBest natural and pet-friendly weed killer
Preen Extended Control Weed PreventerBest for long-lasting weed control

Does Weed Killer Kill Dandelions?

So, you are here to know about “Does weed killer kill dandelions?” Weed killers are one of the best choices to get rid of weeds, whether dandelions or others. 

Weed killers were invented to kill weeds. Since dandelions are one kind of weed, you can easily kill dandelions using a weed killer. You have options for both natural and systematic weed killers to use. 

Though dandelions are good for lawns, they disrupt other plants’ growth. Their total size looks medium, but their roots can grow up to 3 feet. So, how dandelions are beneficial for lawns? They loosen the soil and provide better aeration and water reach for the ground. 

Why Should You Kill Dandelions?

 Since dandelions spread quickly, their volumes increase within a short time. When dandelions are few, it is actually not bad for the lawns and surrounding plants. 

But when they multiply quickly, they absorb more nutrition and moisture from the ground. Since their root systems are strong and long, they can dominate over other plants. Thus, other plants fail to get a sufficient level of nutrition and water from the ground. If this continues, the plants will die gradually. 

Which Weed Killers to Use for Dandelions?

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You have options to use both organic and chemical-based weed killers. If the number of dandelions is not much, and they are younger, you can go for natural weed killers. Since they are organic, they won’t harm lawns and other plants.

On the contrary, natural weed killers may not be effective if dandelions are huge and have already become mature. Although it might work, it will take a long time. In the meantime, other plants might be damaged heavily.

That’s why using systematic weed killers will be the best option, as they are powerful and can handle even the most vigorous weeds. Most importantly, chemical-based weed killers control weeds for several years or at least for one season. 

On the contrary, you may have to apply a natural weed killer several times a year to remove dandelions. However, being cautious is mandatory while using systematic weed killers. Since they are sensitive, you may end up harming other plants if the solution is dropped on them. 

How To Kill Dandelions Using Natural Weed Killers?

How To Kill Dandelions Using Natural Weed Killers?

What do natural weed killers mean? Natural weed killers are either collected directly from nature or use some organic ingredients to create a powerful solution. 

The good news is that you can use many household items as a natural weed killer. Here we are mentioning some everyday household items you can use to kill dandelions. 

Boiling Water

Whether it is lawns, weeds, or even plants, people have to use boiling water as an effective solution to kill them. This boiling water can also kill dandelions. Make sure to boil the water at an adequate temperature to make them hot. 

Next, add the boiling water on the plants’ surface of dandelions. Add water to them in a way so that it can reach the root systems. If the root system is not killed, the weed kill regrow.

Allow the water to reach the ground level after a few hours. It will make dandelions weaker. The leaves of the dandelions will turn into brown color. Now, you can pull out the whole plant from its roots to ensure nothing is left on the ground. 

Isopropyl Alcohol

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Isopropyl alcohol is another popular and reliable option you can use to kill dandelions. They are easily accessible. You can find them from a nearby pharmacy. 

Take a spray bottle, ad four cups of water, and add two tablespoons of Isopropyl alcohol in the water. Mix the solution properly. Now, carefully spray the solution on the leaves of dandelions and avoid touching other plants. 

So, how does Isopropyl Alcohol kill dandelions? After applying the solution to the plants, it absorbs moisture from the leaves and makes them completely dry. Then, they die gradually. 

You may require applying several times if the leaves are not drying up within a few hours. Choose a perfect day when the weather is a little bit windy, and there is enough sunlight. 

Pure Vinegar

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Pure or white vinegar is one of the top choices used for killing weeds. You just simply take it inside a spray bottle and spray it carefully on the plants’ leaves.

Wait for a few hours until the plant leaves become dry, brown, and shriveled. Choosing a sunny day is a more appropriate option to kill weeds quickly. 

Once all the dandelions die, root out each plant using hands. Make sure nothing has left the ground, or it will come back again. Pour sufficient water to make it wet. 

Citric Acid

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This is another natural option, which is similar to vinegar. It doesn’t contain any harmful synthetic chemicals. The acid works effectively to kill weeds, and it provides a long-term solution without harming other plants and lawns.

Vinegar Mixture

Using only vinegar may require you to apply it several times in a season. To make the task easier and quicker, you can use lemon juice with vinegar. It makes the solution effective. 

Additionally, you can add a few drops of dish soap to make the solution stickable on the plants’ leaves. The whole mixture will stay on the plant leaves for an extended period until they die. 

Make sure you choose organic dish soap that doesn’t contain any chemicals. Here is the particular amount you need to mix:

Add all the ingredients to a spray bottle, shake them, and then spray on the surface. Now, pour the solution thoroughly with all the dandelions plants, and make sure not a single plant is left. 

Watch how the plants react after a few hours. If the plants have not dried up completely, apply it again. 


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Another least popular option is to use salt. However, you need to remember that salt on the dandelions will discourage grass from coming back for a few years. 

So, how does salt kill dandelions? It mainly enters into the soil and destroys the plants from their roots. The dandelions won’t come at least for several years in the particular area. 

How much salt do you need? For every one cup of water, you want to add one cup of salt to make the solution powerful enough to kill dandelions. 

How To Kill Dandelions Through Chemical Weed Killers?

When there are ample dandelions, using chemical weed killers is the best option. They are powerful enough to handle a bulk quantity of weeds.

But many gardeners don’t prefer to use chemical weed killers as they contain many toxin chemicals, which are harmful to humans, animals, and environment. 

However, applying chemical-based weed killers might be the best choice to get rid of dandelions when you want a permanent solution. 

How To Kill Dandelions Through Chemical Weed Killers?

Using a chemical weed killer is simple as everything is included. You just mix them with the water and pour the solution using a sprayer at the correct quantity. 

Make sure you read the product label carefully because there might be some warning details, which are unknown to you. 

Apart from that, not all chemical weed killers are compatible for a particular grass and the dandelions plants you want to kill. 

Reading the product label will help you learn about the amount you should apply, how to apply it, and when to apply it.

It is better to apply chemical weed killers when the plants are small, and there is sufficient water in the soil. It encourages quick penetration. 

However, if the flowers of dandelions have already bloomed, you want to apply a post-emergent broadleaf herbicide. They either contain Dicamba or 2,4-D, which are immensely powerful to handle mature weeds efficiently. 

They can kill entire dandelions within a short time and leave nothing behind. But make sure to use them carefully. Otherwise, you may end up damaging or even killing other plants if you follow the wrong approach to applying them. 

Natural Ways to Stop Dandelions from Regrowing

Apart from knowing “Does weed killer kill dandelions?” it is also important to have an understanding of how to stop dandelions from growing back. 

So, you have successfully removed dandelions from your lawn. When you have used natural or chemical weed killers, there is no guarantee the weeds will not come back. 

The best thing you can do is take all precautions to ensure dandelions don’t regrow. You take all the necessary steps to discourage dandelions from coming back by creating an unfavorable environment. 

Use High-Quality Fertilizer

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Fertilizer is vital for soil. It is essential to fertilize the soil during the growing season. According to many garden experts, you should apply fertilizer to the ground every six to eight weeks during this period. 

Your grass needs a sufficient amount of nitrogen, which it will consume from fertilizers. It makes the lawns healthy, dense, and sturdy. As a result, the lawns will struggle to pop out. Even if they come, the lawn can give tough competition to stay active.  

Mow High

When you mow high, it creates a shaded area on the soil. Thus, the germination of weeds is eliminated or at least disrupted due to the higher mow.

Further, higher mow will make the grass denser and thicker, discouraging weeds from coming back. Weeds won’t be able to develop or will have minimal space. 

Watch More – How to Properly Mow a Lawn

Control Before Seeding

Preventive measures are always better than curative ones. Like other weeds, dandelions have tiny white seeds, which come from their flowers. 

When the seed germinates, they multiply quickly, and it will be hard and time-consuming to remove or kill them.

Thus, your primary goal should be to kill them before the germination process occurs. They will be in lower volumes. 

In order to stop the germination process, corn gluten is one of the most common ingredients to use. They work effectively to disrupt the germination process of dandelions.  

So, how much corn gluten to use? For per 1,000 square feet of lawn, you want to use 9 KGs of corn gluten.

Make sure to use them carefully as they can kill other plants apart from dandelions. Take an experienced person to help if you don’t know how to apply it. 

When To Apply Weed Killers To Kill Dandelions?

When To Apply Weed Killers To Kill Dandelions?

Apart from knowing “Does weed killer kill dandelions?” you should also have a decent idea of when to apply weed killers to kill dandelions. 

Different weed killers will require a different time. For example, using boiling water doesn’t require any specific time. You can do it at any time. Even if it is raining, you can still apply it. 

When you want to use vinegar or soil, make sure there is no probability of rain at least for the next 48 hours before applying the solution. The solution needs to get absorbed by the plants fully. 

After applying the solution, you will notice a noticeable change in the plants. They will dry up heavily. If not, you should reapply for the solution. 

Keep applying the natural solution every 2 or 3 days until all of them are eliminated. You may mistakenly kill some nearby grass. In such cases, rooting out the plants with your bare hands seems an appropriate alternative. 

Does Roundup Pro Kill Dandelions?

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Roundup Pro is a famous chemical-based weed killer that many gardeners use to kill weeds. Since dandelions are one particular type of weed, you can use Roundup Pro to kill dandelions.

The primary ingredient a Roundup Pro has is Glyphosate, which is a powerful and nonselective weed killer. So, how Roundup Pro works? 

Applying the solution on dandelions works immediately dries up the plants, and enters the roots systems to weaken them. It absorbs the essential nutrition from the weeds, and the plants die eventually. 

Since the product is very toxic, it will kill all plants that come close to it. Even grasses won’t be left behind. Thus, apply the solution carefully if you want to protect the lawn and other plants. 

How Much Roundup Pro To Use?

Many companies sell Roundup Pro products. Hence, how much Roundup Pro you should use depends on the brand from whom you have purchased. 

The application process will vary too. You should read through the product carefully before applying the solution to dandelions.  

Generally, you have to use 60 ml of the solution for 1 gallon of water. There is also readily mixed Roundup Pro available, which doesn’t need any water to mix. You just spray the mixture right away from the spray bottle. 

Finishing Up

Are you still wondering about “Does weed killer kill dandelions?” If you have manageable dandelions’ growth in your garden area, you have no reason to remove them. They can’t be beneficial for the garden soil and other plants. 

But when they are huge in numbers, controlling is necessary. Otherwise, they will harm other plants. 

We have already mentioned both natural and chemical-based products to kill dandelions. First, try to use natural options; if natural options don’t work for you, you can use systemic weed killers. 

Hopefully, you got a clear idea about “Does weed killer kill dandelions?” Happy Gardening!

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