Can Weed Killer Cause Cancer? [Expert’s Opinion]

Most chemical-based substances are harmful to humans directly or indirectly, and so do weed killers. No doubt, weak killers are one of the finest inventions to kill weeds. But ensuring enough safety standards is also necessary. No matter how good the solution is, if it poses any threat to human beings, we should not use it. […]

How To Extract Oil From Mahagoni | An Alternative To Pesticides

Swietenia mahagoni is the most common species in Asia which can be used for various purposes. In Bangladesh, research had been conducted by the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute found Swietenia mahagoni oil effective against different types of harmful pests. In this article, we will see, How To Extract Oil From Mahagoni? Farmers can use the oil of Swietenia mahagoni as a […]

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