Can You Wash Silk Bedspread?

Can You Wash Silk Bedspread? Expert’s Review

Are you a silk bedspread user? Then you must have a question in mind, and that is, 

So, Can you wash silk bedspread? 

The answer is yes! Whether it is a silk bedspread or pillowcases, you can obviously wash it in hand. You can also dry or machine wash it. But compared to dry cleaning, hand washing your silk bedspread is preferable.

A silk bedspread absorbs moisture and keeps you cool on a hot summer day. And in winter, it keeps you warm by retaining the body heat as it hugs your body. However, a silk bedspread is not cheap. Rather, it’s expensive. Thus, you need to use it carefully year-round. The silk bedsheet is aesthetically soft and luxurious and totally changes your bed’s look.

Easily you can wash your silk bed sheets or pillowcases at home either by using a washing machine or by hand. You don’t require to dry clean it. But as silk is a natural and delicate fiber, you need to wash your silk bedspread carefully. 

Can You Wash Silk Bedspread? – Simple Steps to Wash by Machine

The easy steps of washing silk bedspread in a machine are the following:

Step 1 – Know The Basic Rules for Washing Silk

Wash your silk bedspread in a silk-only and separate load. Before laundering, turn out the silk bedsheet and pillowcases inside out. Avoid tearing your silk cloth by keeping it in fine and smooth mesh laundry bags. If an agitator mechanism is available in your machine, you must do it.

Silk is made of delicate and lightweight fabric. Thus it can easily pull and tear by getting caught under the machine’s agitator mechanism. Moreover, in your machines, the inside and agitator can have burrs, tiny nicks, and rough edges due to the rough laundry items such as buttons or zippers.

By keeping it in a mesh wash bag, you can easily save your silk bedsheet from all these potential tears, pull, and damage. So before starting washing, keep in mind the following points:

  • Always use the “Silk-only” load for laundry your silk bedspread
  • During the silk bedspread washing, use the mesh laundry bags
  • Turn the inside out of your silk pillowcase

Step 2 – Select a Gentle Temperature and Wash Cycle

Select a Gentle Temperature and Wash Cycle

The ideal option for machine washing the silk bedspread is cold water or cool water. If your water’s temperature is more than 80 degrees F, washing silk using this water can significantly damage the silk. So using cold water for washing all the silk items is the best option.

During the silk bedsheet washing, avoids bleach because it makes your silk cloth yellow. Also, avoid fabric softener as it leaves residue on your silk fabric. The softest silk is made of specialized charmeuse weaving technology and natural thread fibers. So fabric softener is not necessary to wash silk. Rather it will leave your silk bedspread with unpleasant residue. So, the main points you need to keep in mind are:

  • Use cold water to wash the silk pillowcases and silk sheets
  • Don’t use any fabric softener or bleach for washing silk.

What Are The Ways to Wash Silk Bedspread by Hand?

Whenever we purchase a silk bedsheet for our home, we are always asked, “Can you wash silk bedspread by hand?” The answer is yes! Why not? You can wash silk cloth by hand easily. In fact, hand washing is safer and preferable to dry cleaning or machine washing.

However, even in the case of hand washing, use cold water for cleaning it. You can use gentle silk-based laundry soap. Submerge the silk and laundry soap and agitate it gently using your hands. Avoid scrubbing or rinsing. Rinse out all soap thoroughly and gently. So now look at the step-by-step guide of the above description:

Step 1 – Fill a Clean Bathtub Partially with Lukewarm Water

What Are The Ways to Wash Silk Bedspread by Hand?

If you are washing your silk bedspread in hand, fill a clean bathtub partially with lukewarm water. You have to add a mild or soft washing detergent to the lukewarm water. Then submerge your silk bedspread into the water.

Step 2 – Dunk The Bedspread

In soapy water for a few times, dunk your silk bedspread. Now drain your bathtub’s water and rinse it carefully. Rinse the bedspread properly and make sure there is no soap left in it.

Step 3 – Submerge The Silk

Again using lukewarm water, fill your bathtub partially and this time, add white vinegar in it by ¼ cup. Now neutralize your silk bedspread’s remaining soap residue by submerging the silk bedspread in warm water. Then rinse and clean it.

Step 4 – Dry The Silk

Now dry your bedspread in line dry but make sure not to put it in direct sunlight. Because putting the silk for drying in direct sunlight will weaken and damage your silk.

How To Dry the Silk Bedspread?

How To Dry the Silk Bedspread?

Don’t wring out the silk bedspread. Using white towels, roll the silk sheet to bolt. At your home’s inside or outside, you can hang or line dry your silk bedspread? It will help to preserve your silk fabric. Use a non-slip hanger, clothesline, or drying rack out of the sun’s direct rays. Don’t put your silk bedspread in direct sunlight, whether indoor or outdoor.

Your bedspread’s silk fabric can get damaged due to the direct sunlight. Moreover, it can fade your silk’s color. Again don’t use the wooden drying racks for drying silk. It could stain or leech dyes into the silk. Depending on the weather conditions and temperatures, highest 45 minutes may require for drying your silk bedspread.

Before drying out completely, you should remove your silk bedspread. Thus the main point of consideration in drying the silk bedsheet are:

  • Avoid twisting or wiring of silk bedspread. Instead, use the white towel to bolt it.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, indoor or outdoor.
  • Hang dry, or line dry your silk bedspread, but it must be away from the sunlight.
  • Stop using dryer
  • Take out your silk bedsheet from the wash basin or washing machine. Resist your silk fabric’s wiring and allow it to drip.
  • Remove the excess water by running a touch-up or short program.
  • While washing the silk bed sheet, lay out an absorbent and clean cloth or towel on its surface to reduce the excessive water.

What To Avoid When Washing Silk Bedspread?

What To Avoid When Washing Silk Bedspread?

As you can wash your silk bedspread, you have to consider a few things. And those are:

  • Don’t use the fabric softener, bleach, or this type of cleaning material to wash silk.
  • For extended-time period avoid soaking the bed silk.
  • Remove your jeweler while you sleep on your silk bedspread, and it will help to protect the silk from scratching.
  • For cleaning your silk bedspread, never use the hot water and always use the cold or warm water
  • Avoid high heating to tumble dry the bedding
  • Avoid putting your silk bedsheet in direct sunlight, especially for a longer time

How To Iron Silk Bedspread?

How To Iron Silk Bedspread?

After washing your silk bedspread, ironing is not necessary. However, after washing, the silk bedsheet may wrinkle. But after using the bedspread for a few nights, the threads of your silk will start to straighten and relax. If you want to iron your bedsheet, you can do that, but you have to iron it on the lowest setting.

Always on the coolest setting, iron your silk bedspread sparingly. The iron’s low temperature should smoothly glide over the fabric. It will be safer to place a cloth between your silk bedspread and iron. So, the main points of consideration are the following:

  • Ironing your silk bedspread is not necessarily always
  • Iron at the coolest setting and sparingly in your bedsheet’s inside out

How To Store Silk Bedspread?

How To Store Silk Bedspread?

So after washing your silk bedsheet, you may require to store it. Carefully store your silk bedspread by following the tips below:

  • Use a breathable bag for storing the silk bedspread
  • Cedar balls/ Lavender sachets
  • Store the silk sheet away from the sunlight

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do you clean a silk bedspread?

For cleaning your silk bedspread, follow the easy steps below:

  • Soak a sponge in soapy or warm water
  • Out of your sink wiring the sponge
  • Using the sponge to dab the stained area gently
  • Air-dry it

2. Can silk be washed in the washing machine?

Yes! You can wash your silk material in the washing machine. However, you should obviously use a mesh bag to protect your silk cloth from tangling.

3. How long do silk comforters last?

Silk comforter lasts for more than ten years. If you place the comforter into a duvet cover, it will help to protect your silk fabric, and it will last longer.

4. Does silk shrink in the wash?

Yes! After washing, the silk material shrink as it is a very delicate and luxurious material. Silk shrink in heat as it is protein fibers made of natural material.

Final Words

So, hopefully, after going through the above discussion, now you know the answer to can you wash silk bedspread? Actually, washing the silk bedsheet is not rocket science. It’s pretty easy and simple if you follow the abovementioned steps. Your silk bedding will last longer if you follow the above washing instructions and keep all these above-discussed points in mind.

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