Best Reading Table Lamps For Living Room

Top 10 Best Reading Table Lamps For Living Room In 2022 [Expert’s Review]

One of the best options for decorating your living room is the reading table lamps. It’s really tough to get an aesthetic look in your living room without having a lamp on the desk. The best reading table lamps for living room add value or flair to your room. The living room looks incomplete without these lamps.

The modern reading table lamps create an attractive and dynamic atmosphere in your living room and increase your home décor’s complements. These lamps are available in numerous sizes, types, and designs. If you plan to renovate your living room or transform your workspace, you should consider these lamps one of your room’s must-have items.

The Best Reading Table Lamps For Living Room

Which one is The Best Reading Table Lamps For Living Room

10 best reading table lamps for living room that give your room an elegant and aesthetic look are the following:

1. Elegant Designs LT1025 Leather Table Lamp

Elegant Designs LT1025-WHT Modern Leather Table Lamp with White Fabric Shade, White

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One of the best reading table lamps for living room is this Elegant Designs LT1025 table lamp. The versatile design of this lamp makes it unique from the other available options in the market. This lamp stands out from the market crowd because of its smooth leather finish. Undoubtedly this lamp will suit your living room’s interior décor.

Different shade colors of this lamp are available so you can choose one according to your requirement. Its cord comes with a convenient and ease-of-use rotary socket switch. This table lamp is sturdy enough, and it will provide you with long-term quality service. Moreover, it is a cost-effective option for budget-friendly customers. 

This light looks simple, but it is one of the best items for decorating your small or large bedroom. This lamp is modern but inexpensive, and the most amazing part is it doesn’t look cheap at all. The elegant design of this lamp will surely enhance the beauty of your home. It is an easy but elegant decorative item.

Product Features

  • Colour: Black
  • Brand: Elegant Designs
  • Material: Leather
  • Style: Modern
  • Special Feature: Lamp
  • Dimensions of the Lamp: W: 6″ x L: 10″ x H: 21″


  • A white fabric shade and genuine leather body-based fashionable table lamp
  • This lamp enhances the beauty and decoration of your living room and home with a jewelry
  • The Dimensions of this lamp are spacious enough to ensure proper lighting in the room
  • The medium base bulb perfectly fits in it
  • The high customer rating of this lamp ensures the customers are quite satisfied with using it
  • It offers good-quality lighting and an elegant look for your living room


  • A narrow base creates a stability issue.
  • Spread light in a little area .

2. Kenroy Home Table Lamp

Kenroy Home 32215CBZ Riverside Swing Arm Floor Lamp with Copper Bronze Finish, Classic Style, 59' Height, 24' Width, 18.625' Depth

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Another best reading table lamp for living room is Kenroy Home 32239 table lamp. This lamp provides high-quality lighting and a very good visual balance for the users. 

Steel and bronze finish is the main element of this light. However, this lamp is sturdy, beautiful, and strong enough. It looks true to life because of its intricate leaves and the twisted vines’ design inspired by nature. 

This lamp is high enough that spread light over a wider area. The excellent lighting of this table lamp comes with an eye-catching and lovable design. It will definitely give your living room a natural look. This product is available in various styles. You will get an alluring and warm light from each gold-toned shade.

For reading purposes, this light is definitely an excellent option, and it makes your living room’s ambiance warm and comfortable for you. Turning it on will highlight the rich golden earth tones because the oil-rubbed bronze finish shimmers in it.

A 3-way socket switch is included in the table and floor lamps. You can easily transition between the room-filling and ambient light with the socket switch. Moreover, you can set the light at a low, medium, or high setting using the 3-way socket switch.

This light features a delicate and warm balance between rustic charm and traditional design. The decorative leaf finial of this light is really attractive, and it increases the beauty of your space. Considering the price, the quality of this lamp is very nice. Purposely this table lamp gives an aesthetic look to your room, and it is one of the best reading table lamps for living room.

Product Features

  • Colour: Oil-rubbed Bronze
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Brand: Kenroy Home
  • Style: Table Lamp
  • Special Feature: Corded


  • The modern and stylish table lamp with leaf detailing and vine
  • The tan tapered drum shade feature ensures room-filling and warm light.
  • It comes with a rich and excellent oil-rubbed bronze finish.
  • It gives an organic charm touch to your living room with its vine accents and naturally-inspired leaf.
  • This table lamp is a perfect option for natural modern, transitional, rustic, traditional, and contemporary interior design.
  • It is ideal for use in the living rooms, home offices, and bedrooms.
  • Lighting adjustment is possible in 3 ways.
  • This table lamp provides a beautiful and natural appearance in your living room or workspace.
  • You can use it as a floor lamp or table lamp.
  • High brightness
  • Easy to assemble and easy to put


  • Compared to the other available table lamp on the market, its wattage is very high
  • Missing parts
  • Extreme light
  • Requires too much assembly

3. Seealle Bedside Table Lamp

USB Table Lamp Set of 2 - Seealle Grey Modern Bedside Lamp, USB Bedside Table Lamps for Living Room with USB Charging Ports, 27.8” Desk Lamp Nightstand Lamp Table Lamps for Bedroom End Table

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Another minimalist wooden-designed table lamp is this Seealle Beside lamp. It is a nice-looking lamp, and most of the part of it is covered by the fabric shade. The height of this lamp is 14.57 inches, and the lamp’s running watt is 60. Whether you require a table lamp for general room lighting or reading, this table lamp is a very good option for both purposes.

There is an on/off switch in the middle of the table’s long cord. The cord’s length is 12.6 meters, and the on/off switch is placed conveniently in the cord’s middle place. A 5V/2A USB charging port is also available with this table lamp. Using this port, you can charge the other devices you frequently use, such as Kindle readers, mobile phones, wireless earbuds, etc.

The remarkable lighting of this lamp will surely change your living room’s ambiance and will give you a good feeling. It is a versatile lamp, and you can use it in your living room beside the bedside, dining table, and offices.

Product Features

  • Colour: Wood, grey
  • Brand: Seealle
  • Style: Modern
  • Special Feature: Pull chain, USB port
  • Shade Material: Fabric


  • The USB port is available in this lamp. Equipped with a charging port of 5V/2A USB
  • Installing this lamp is very easy.
  • You don’t need to wrap the lampshade’s open-top fabric. Three steps installation guide is available in this product’s user manual and
  • The dimensions of this light are perfect, and the length is 25.7 inches for each of these traditional lamps.
  • The lamp will not easily tip over. moreover, the lampshade holder is sturdy enough so it will not break easily
  • The lamp’s base is made of wood, and it is a very high-quality light.
  • Cost-effective or the product’s price is too low.
  • It’s a convenient table lamp option, and it’s very easy to use
  • Offers high and long-lasting performance


  • Not so many colors option available with it
  • Length issue
  • Damaged USB port

4. Lifeholder Table Lamp

lifeholder Touch Lamp with 2 Phone Stands,Dimmable USB Lamp Include 2 Warm Edison Bulbs, Grey Table Lamp Built in 2 USB Ports & 2 AC Outlet, Bedside Lamps Idea for Bedroom or Living Room(Set of 2)

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Another best table lamp for the living room is this Lifeholder lamp. This lamp comes in various designs. All the handy features are also available with this lamp. The most convenient feature is its USB charging port. The lamp’s cord contains an on/off switch, which you can easily use to turn the on or off the lamp.

This lamp is very functional for charging devices as it has dual USB charging ports. This table lamp offers sufficient light. The lighting spread over the room’s wider area. It is a highly convenient product for users. You can easily use this lamp in your bedroom, living room, and office.

This globe table lamp comes with two USB ports using which you can charge your other electronic appliances. Whether your table lamp is on or off, you can charge other devices in it. The convenient touching option makes this modern table lamp more popular and unique than others.

Simply tap on your modern and stylish table lamp’s base, and instantly, you can adjust your lamp’s light or turn it on or off. Thus this light is very easy to use. A Three-way dimmable function is available with this one-touch lamp. Under various lighting conditions, this table lamp’s lighting ensures your eye’s sufficient protection.

After turning on this lamp, you will see various beautiful patterns of this dimmable touch lamp. The lamp forms a gorgeous effect. It is easy and very practical to use. Moreover, this table lamp creates a romantic and pleasant atmosphere in your living room and workspace.

Product Features

  • Color: Black Lamp (7.5*7.5*8.27 Inches)
  • Material: Iron
  • Brand: Lifeholder
  • Style: Modern
  • Special Feature: 3-way, Dimmable, Touch switch


  • Built-in dual USB ports allow the charging of two other electronic appliances simultaneously, whether the lamp is on or off.
  • You can easily and instantly adjust the lamp’s brightness level and turn it on/off the lamp because of its convenient touch control feature.
  • Three ways practical dimmable functions are available in this lamp
  • The light of this lamp is very gentle and splendid.
  • Energy-saving Edison bulb is included in it.
  • This USB table lamp offers a non-dazzling and flicker-free light.
  • You can use it for an extended time, saving lots of power.
  • Assembling this table lamp is very easy.
  • Easy to use and convenient option for the living room


  • Some users find that the brightness is not up to the mark
  • The touch system goes wrong with time
  • Made of cheap plastic

5. DEEPLITE Cordless Battery Operated Lamp

DEEPLITE Battery Operated Night Light Motion Sensor Small Cordless Table Lamp, Soft Glow Nightstand for Bathroom, Bedroom, Kid’s Room, Hallway, Table Decor

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It is a battery-operated table lamp, and this is one of the best reading table lamps for living room. The battery-operated lamp means you don’t need to connect this lamp to your home’s AC power. Also, you don’t require to worry about its cord. The motion sensor of this table lamp can easily sense motion up to 10 feet distance.

The motion sensor system greatly helps to save the lamp’s battery and turns on the lamp only when required. This lamp is undoubtedly one of the best options for your living room. This lamp ensures high-quality and excellent lighting for your room.

You can use this table lamp everywhere. And it’s very easy to carry and move as it is a cordless table lamp. Easily you can use it in your living room, bedrooms, kitchen, hallways, and bathroom or in your home’s any other place. Also, you can use this lamp outdoors as it is cordless, and you don’t have to worry about its AC connection.

Product Features

  • Color: Wood 2p
  • Style: Contemporary, retro, accent, modern, simple
  • Brand: DEEPLITE
  • Material: Plastic
  • Special Feature: Motion sensor, Portable, Eye-caring, Eye-catching, Battery operated, Instant On, Handy, Decorative, Simple


  • Auto-on features with motion sensor design and moves easily within 10ft. The auto-off features of this lamp save the electricity bill.
  • Cordless, portable, and battery-operated. A 3 AA battery requires to power this lamp.
  • The wooden paint is decent and attractive. This lamp adds a touch of fashion and elegance to your living room’s decoration.
  • Comfortable and soft glow LED light.
  • Wide application of this lamp with three modes.
  • Affordable price.


  • Motion sensors become inactive soon.
  • The motion sensor function sometimes doesn’t work smoothly.

6. Home LT3052-GRY Ceramic Table Lamp

Yarra-Decor Bedside Lamp with USB Port - Touch Control Table Lamp for Bedroom Wood 3 Way Dimmable Nightstand Lamp with Round Flaxen Fabric Shade for Living Room, Dorm, Home Office (LED Bulb Included)

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This table lamp comes from one of the best brands in the interior lighting market. The captivating and unique designs of this ceramic table lamp attract users. The charming appearance of this ceramic base gray shade light creates a romantic and peaceful ambiance in your living room. Undoubtedly it is one of the best reading table lamps for living room.

However, compared to the other available lamps on the market, this table lamp is smaller. But this lamp will undoubtedly add glamour and a unique feel to your living room. Moreover, it is a cost-effective option for users. This is one of the best lamps and cool products. It is very well made and gives a decent look to your home.

Product Features

  • Color: Gray
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Brand: Simple Designs
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Special Feature: E26 Medium Base
  • Shade Diameter: 8.19″
  • Height: 14.04″


  • Gray ceramic stone-based shades
  • Unique light and beautiful design give your living room a different yet attractive touch
  • The ambient lighting of this lamp perfectly fills the room’s all corners
  • The perfect option for an office, living room, kid’s room, bedroom, and college dorm
  • Gray shade
  • Hand-painted painting and baking process may fade the stone’s color and bring variety in colors.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and robust enough


  • Many users don’t like this lamp’s design
  • Small shade
  • The lamp’s size is small

7. Minerva Wood Table Lamp

Bedside Table Lamp - Small Bedroom Lamps for Nightstand, 3-Color Options Solid Wood Lamp with Fabric Shade, Minimalist Desk Reading Lamps for Kids Room Living Room Office Dorm (LED Bulb Included)

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Minerva Wood Table Lamp is another nicely designed table lamp for your living room. The classic appealing look of this lamp attracts the users. Easily for decorating any kind of interior, you can use this lamp. You can use either a 40- or 60 watts bulb in this lamp. But in general, a 40 watts bulb comes with this lamp but adjusting it to a 60 watts bulb is not tough at all. 

Due to the fixture feature of this lamp, you can easily adjust between the 40 watts and 60 watts lamp. The base support of this lamp is 36 square. The stability of this lamp is very high, which means wherever you place this lamp, it will sit stable. It doesn’t tip off or wobbles easily. It is one of the best reading table lamps for living room, and it offers numerous benefits. 

This lamp is a convent option for users because of its easy-to-use feature. This table lamp has all the necessary safety standards, so you don’t have to worry about the safety features. It is a neutral lamp, and it is more popular with customers because of its easy-to-use feature. It offers your money good value, and with any type of interior décor, it can easily blend. 

Product Features 

  • Color: 5.9*5.9*11.8inch/Cylinder
  • Brand: Minerva
  • Material: Wood, Linen
  • Style: Minimalist
  • Special Feature: Max 60w, Not Dimmable


  • Non-slip mat at the lamp’s bottom base made of solid wood 
  • 1.65 mm long cord enables you to set the lamp in a stable situation, and a 25cm switch base 
  • You can easily tighten the shade using the ring 
  • Efficient light bulb 
  • Quite safe and all the safety standards are available in it 
  • Easy to use and for blending your living room’s decoration, it is neutral enough 
  • Good quality lamp offers your good money value 


  • According to some users, this lamp spins and doesn’t stay in one position 
  • No cut out for the lamp’s cord under the shade 
  • The bulb die soon 

8. ZEEFO Bedside Table Lamp

ZEEFO Touch Control Table Lamp Built in Dual USB Ports & AC Outlet, White Fabric Shade 3 Way Dimmable USB Nightstand Lamp,Two Edison LED Bulbs Included Bedside Lamps for Bedroom, Living Room (2 Pack)

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Another simplistic modern design option and great performer is ZEEFO. Using this table lamp, you can beautifully decorate your living room, and it gives an aesthetic appearance to your room. The good quality parts of this lamp make it durable and sturdy.

The 60-watt bulb’s cylindrical fabric shade spreads enough light throughout your living room. Moreover, for reading books, this light is undoubtedly the best choice for you.

Product Features

  • Color: 4.9 X 4.9 X 11.6 Inch (cream)
  • Style: Classic, Modern, Contemporary, Traditional
  • Brand: ZEEFO
  • Material: Metal
  • Special Feature: Not Dimmable


  • Simple yet elegant design. This lamp is very easy to install and easy to use.
  • The soft, warm light is perfect for your living room, bedroom, office, guest room, study, and so on.
  • Very reliable quality and 2 LED bulbs made of very good quality materials.
  • No flick, no buzzing, and no dazzle.
  • Flexible to use in any space, including living room, bedroom, hall room, etc.
  • For decorating your interior, this light is a very good addition.
  • A very good thing to gift to your family and friends.


  • Don’t have many color options.
  • Don’t have lab test certification.

9. Annie Iron Scroll Table Lamps

Annie Rustic Farmhouse Table Lamps 28' Tall Set of 2 with WiFi Smart Sockets Bronze Iron Scroll Cream Tapered Drum Shade for Living Room Bedroom House Bedside Nightstand Office - Franklin Iron Works

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One of the well-constructed and sturdy table lamps is Annie Iron Scroll Table Lamp. It comes in 2 sets. The metallic frames of this table lamp are very well-constructed, and a bronze finish has been given to it. The lamp passes enough light throughout your room and brightens the entire room.

The drum-shaped shades of tampered cream color brighten the room by spreading lights everywhere. You can use a 150-watt standard bulb in this light. This light is compatible, and even in a large or spacious area, this lamp offers sufficient light. However, halogen, incandescent bulbs, or CFLs are also allowed to use in this lamp.

This table lamp will surely increase your interior décor’s complement. This is one of the good options that you can use in your living room, bedroom, hall room, or everywhere. The warm light of this lamp will give you a romantic vibe, and you will feel good.

This transitional-style table lamp is versatile enough, and you can place this light in any room to increase its decorative beauty. The beautiful element of this lamp is its open scroll design. You can place this lamp in different spaces for an equal and elegant, stylish look. This table lamp’s graceful and elegant spiral design is a perfect choice for your home.

Product Features

  • Color: Cream Hardback Shade
  • Style: Country – Cottage
  • Brand: Franklin Iron Works
  • Shade Material: Fabric
  • Material:  Metal


  • Each table lamp’s overall height and length is 28″. 6″ wide bases.
  • The maximum standard-medium bulb is 150 watts and on/off socket switches are available with it
  • Traditional open accent design


  • Heavyweight 
  • Lampshades issues 
  • Color availability is not so much 

10. OnEach Table Lamps

Oneach 24.5'' Rustic Farmhouse Table Lamps for Living Room Bedroom Bedside Nightstand Lamp for Farmhouse Office Study Blue

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For your bedroom, study room, or living room, this Metal Urn table lamp is one of the perfect and best lighting fixtures. The lamp gives soft light because of its fabric shade. It spreads a soft glow in your entire room. This lamp provides cozy and warm lighting in your living space.

High-quality fabric and resin are the main elements of this table lamp. This product is long-lasting, and this rustic lamp provides service for an extended period. Wherever you place this lamp, it gives an elegant look. Whatever your room’s style is, this simple yet elegant lamp will undoubtedly match the room’s decoration.

Product Features

  • Color: Style B
  • Style: Traditional
  • Material: Resin
  • Brand: Oneach
  • Special Feature: ON/OFF Switch


  • Versatile and functional. Perfect lighting fixtures for living room, bedroom, study room, and other spaces
  • Made of high-quality fabric and resin. This lamp lasts for a long time and adds elegance to your room.
  • Convenient and elegant-looking bedside lamp. Turning on/off this lamp is very convenient because of its rotary on/off switch.
  • Installing and using this bedside lamp is very easy. The UL-listed plug and base of the bulb provide safe illumination to your family and home. You can also use the LED bulb in this lamp to save money and energy.
  • Metal construction and Iron-look bronze finish bases.
  • Minimalist fabric shade expresses the fresh rustic style and ensures the functionality’s new fusion.
  • The resin lamp base is sturdy and stable enough, and it will not easily slip or tip over. Moreover, it will not easily create scratches on your table or desk.


  • Heavyweight
  • Difficult to move
  • You have to put the lampshades together
  • Rolled up lampshades

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some frequently asked questions about the table lamp for living room have been mentioned below.

1. What lamps are best for reading?

Compared to normal incandescent bulbs, fluorescent and halogen bulbs can perform better in illuminating different reading materials. Thus, fluorescent and halogen bulbs are best for reading.

2. Can a table lamp be used for reading?

Yes! You can use a table lamp for reading. You can have a bedside table in your living room with enough surfaces. Or you can use the lampshade-based contemporary table lamp for reading.

3. How tall should a table lamp be for reading?

A table lamp’s length should be 23″ – 24″ for reading. Easily after seating for a reading book, you will get enough light with this height table lamp.

4. How many watts should a reading lamp be?

For reading and writing purposes, 40 watts or 450 lumens are enough. But for conducting delicate tasks such as working with tiny pieces or heavy-duty drafting, the standard measurement is 60-75 watts.


Now you know what the best reading table lamps for living room are, as we explained the details of the top lamps on our list. All the above table lamps come with a classic design, and they offer attractive, warm, and cozy lighting for your living room. Which one you choose from our above list, each light will definitely add an elegant look to your room.

Modern table lamps are just like other pieces of home décor, and it is available in various colors, sizes, types, and designs. These lamps are getting popular nowadays because of their continuous efficiency in giving an aesthetic look to the room. You can easily use these lamps in any space according to your convenience.

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