Best Grease Gun For Automotive

Top 10 Best Grease Gun For Automotive [With Buyer’s Guide]

What is the handiest tool you use to lubricate your automotive equipment? Guess what? Yes! It is none other than a functional grease gun that allows you smoothly dispense clingier and thicker grease. You are not someone who wants to see oil-dripping issues, right? 

But finding the best grease gun requires a little research. You can’t randomly choose a cheap option that doesn’t let you put grease in hard-to-reach areas. It should not fall under or over-lubricate the machine parts. So, what is the solution to finding a reliable grease gun?

Since you landed in the right place, let us handle the hassle! After considering verified customers’ reviews and in-depth research, we have rounded up some top-quality grease guns. The article covered high-quality grease guns from top brands to suit a specific need. Let’s dive in! 

Top 10 Best Grease Guns For Automotive Equipment

Product NameMaximum Pressure levelFor What Purpose the Grease Gun is Best?
Bravex Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun6000 PSIHeavy Equipment
STEINBRÜCKE Grease Gun6000 PSILawnmowers
Lincoln Fully Automatic Pneumatic Grease Gun6000 PSICars
Astro Pneumatic Tool 101 Mini Grease GunN/ABikes

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1. Best Grease Gun For Heavy Equipment – Bravex Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun

Best Grease Gun For Heavy Equipment - Bravex Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun

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Are you unsatisfied even after trying many expensive grease guns for heavy equipment? Your worry is over! This Bravex grease gun can be an exceptional choice due to its heavy-duty construction and some notable features. 

Many reviewers listed it as the best grease gun for heavy equipment because of its maximum of 6000 psi. The unit comes with a long flex hose to ensure convenient operation. Loading the cartridge with grease appears simple too.

You can refill the grease from the bulk container. It has a piston handle lock design to hold the unit automatically until you press it. Pull the handle carefully under pressure and then release the tab. 

Product Features

Dimension – ‎14.72 x 5.67 x 2.68 inch

Item Weight – ‎3.5 pounds

PSI – 6000 PSI

Hose Length – 18 inch


  • Does not prone to corrosion or rust issues due to Chrome plated canister
  • A 3-way fill design compatible with large cartridges and grease
  • A cold-drawn steel tube to prevent deformation of the canister and leakage problems
  • A durable fluorescent rubber O-ring to ensure a long-lasting seal
  • 14-ounce grease cartridges to lubricate several machine parts
  • Best grease gun for heavy equipment


  • Hard to remove the nozzle from the fittings
  • Tricky instruction manual to understand
  • Requires a little more effort to operate

2. Best Grease Gun For Automotive – Lumax Deluxe Grease Gun

Best Grease Gun For Automotive - Lumax Deluxe Grease Gun

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Some vehicle owners are a fan of elusive grease guns because they are not prone to leakage. This Lumax Deluxe Grease Gun is the best grease gun for automotive in our list as you can achieve up to 7000 psi. It will complete the lubricating session quickly and efficiently with less energy.

You will love the decent, even pump action. Controlling the grease gun with its 18″ flex hose extension, even in hard-to-reach areas, with one hand will be easygoing.

It also features a three-way loading system. You can refill the grease from a grease pump, suction, or cartridge.

The versatile grease tool allows you to get into all the required places. Before adding grease inside the gun and adjusting the tip, it is best to test fit the tip on the grease fitting. The tip comes off effortlessly after wiggling a lit bit.

Product Features

Dimension – ‎ 15 x 5 x 2.8 inch

Item Weight – ‎2.5 pounds

PSI – 7000 PSI

Hose Length – 18 inch


  • Cast-alloy head to ensure super durability and increased strength 
  • A three-way loading system for easy grease fills up
  • A heavy-duty 18-gauge steel barrel for lightweight construction
  • Chrome-plated finish to prevent buildup of corrosion and rust
  • High-quality threads on the barrel protect the head
  • Best grease gun for automotive


  • No hard lock on the bottom to avoid accidental release
  • Removing the coupler from the zerk fitting is a little tricky

3. Best Grease Gun For Lawnmower – STEINBRÜCKE Grease Gun

Best Grease Gun For Lawnmower - STEINBRÜCKE Grease Gun

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When working on lawnmowers, you need an extra-long flex hose. It allows you quickly put grease on machine parts. This affordable yet functional grease gun comes with a 27-inch flex hose. 

You can use this highly versatile tool for adding grease to ride-on mowers. It is not hard to see why people consider it the best grease for lawnmowers. Plus, customers didn’t face any issues with DIY oil changing. However, you can’t use the grease gun for regular grease tubes. 

The unit has a pistol-type design. Operating the tool with one hand will be easygoing. You can effortlessly put the grease into your desired area quickly.

In addition, the one-handed action with a non-slip grip makes the grease gun simple. You will not have to worry about accidentally dropping the tool from the hand. 

Product Features

Dimension – ‎ ‎15.63 x 5.55 x 2.91 inch

Item Weight – ‎3.72 pounds

PSI – 6000 PSI

Hose Length – 27 inch


  • Slip-resistant rubber handle
  • 27-inch extra-long flex hose
  • 3-Way Grease loading system
  • Two years warranty
  • 14.0-ounce capacity
  • Best Grease Gun For Lawnmower


  • Not compatible with regular grease tubes
  • A little bit heavy
  • A slightly different grease gun

4. Best Grease Gun For Kubota Tractor – Milwaukee Grease Gun

Best Grease Gun For Kubota Tractor

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Kubota tractors are highly powerful. You need a professional-grade grease gun to lubricate all the crucial parts. Milwaukee grease gun is a perfect choice to fulfill highly demanding jobs.

 It comes with 10,000 PSI maximum operating pressure and a 48-inch flexible hose, making it a deal breaker for heavy-duty tasks. Working on hard-to-reach areas appears simple. 

This powerful tool has two flow rates. You can dispense the grease with either 10 ounces or 3.5 ounces per minute. Many users commented it was the best grease gun for Kubota tractor. But you can use the tool for any massive equipment.

Another attractive feature is its lock-on / lock-off trigger system. You don’t have to worry about making any mess. In addition, the grease gun comes with a built-in plunger rod with markings to easily let you know the amount of grease remaining. 

Product Features

Dimension – ‎ ‎‎3.8 x 19.7 x 9.2 inch

Item Weight – ‎‎9.5 pounds

PSI – 10000 PSI

Hose Length – 48 inch


  • 48-inch long flex hose
  • 10000 PSI in Two flow rate options
  • A built-in plunger rod with markings
  • Lock-on / lock-off trigger system
  • Best grease gun for Kubota tractor
  • Five years limited warranty


  • Too much heavy
  • Pretty expensive
  • Not suitable for beginners

5. Best Grease Gun For Cars – Lincoln Fully Automatic Pneumatic Grease Gun

Best Grease Gun For Cars - Lincoln Fully Automatic Pneumatic Grease Gun

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How about using a pneumatic air-powered grease gun? YES! You guessed it right! This Lincoln gun mainly works by utilizing compressed air and pistons to pressurize grease in the nozzle. Many reviewers rated it as the best grease gun for cars.

The unit comes with a 30-inch flex hose. It is long enough to work on tricky areas. The most important thing about this automatic pneumatic grease gun is its variable speed trigger system. Precisely controlling the grease flow is what you will love about this unit. 

The manufacturer provides a handy coupler storage clip to store the unit in a safe place conveniently. They also offer an easily accessible check valve. If there is any hardened grease buildup, you can effortlessly clean and remove it.  

Furthermore, the unit weighs only 3 pounds. Hence, you don’t have to be concerned about fatigue issues even after working long. Plus, it has a precision-machined plunger and bore to ensure no airlock and bypass issues. 

Product Features

Dimension – ‎ ‎‎ 16.1 x 5.6 x 3.1 inch

Item Weight – ‎‎3 pounds

PSI – 6000 PSI

Hose Length – 30 inch


  • A 30-inch flex hose
  • Variable speed trigger system for precisely controlling
  • a handy coupler storage clip to store conveniently and safely
  • An easily accessible check valve to clean or remove the grease valve
  • Precision-machined plunger to avoid airlock and bypass
  • Best grease gun for cars


  • The greasing method could be easier
  • The coupler is a little tight

6. Best Grease Gun For Wheel Bearings – REXBETI Premium Grease Gun

Best Grease Gun For Wheel Bearings - REXBETI Premium Grease Gun

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Why take the hassle of always adding lubricated when you have a ready-made option? REXBETI Premium Grease Gun already has grease inside it. It is ready to operate as soon as you get it. 

This functional tool comes with an air-release valve that allows you to remove or disconnect the gun from the “no flow” or “frozen section. It also ensures smooth and thicker grease dispense. The unit has a strong yet supportive rubber grip to comfortably add grease to the machine parts.

You can fill up to 14 ounces of lubricant in its cartridges. This seems excellent for lubricating several small and large automotive parts simultaneously. Plus,  many reviewers rated it as the best grease gun for wheel bearings due to its solid construction and decent PSI level. 

Product Features

Dimension – ‎ ‎‎ 16.1 x 6.02 x 2.72 inch

Item Weight – ‎‎ 3.23 pounds

PSI – 6000 PSI

Hose Length – 18 inch


  • Push-type design for lubricating hard-to-reach mechanical spots
  • Several handy accessories, such as nozzles and double-reinforced couplers
  • Easy to store due to no axial bending issues 
  • Comfortable and sturdy handle to offer increased leverage
  • Pre-lubricated to save time and apply instantly 
  • Best grease gun for wheel bearings


  • Occasionally may leak while using grease
  • Having a lock and lube adapter could be better

7. Best Grease Gun For Bikes – Astro Pneumatic Tool 101 Mini Grease Gun

Best Grease Gun For Bikes - REXBETI Premium Grease Gun

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Ever wondered what could be the best grease gun for bikes? Bikers don’t need a considerable grease gun. Instead, they need a compact option to carry with them effortlessly. Astro has a mini grease gun that can hold up to 3 ounces of lubricant, enough for lubricating many small parts. 

The unit comes with a needle nozzle. Precisely adding grease on particular spots will be easygoing. No dripping issues! More importantly, it will not cause any lubricant wastage. The grease gun weighs only 1 lb. Operating it with one hand seems worry-free.

 Furthermore, the Astro grease gun has a simple design. Add grease from the bottom section, and re-attach the base cap. 

Then, add a slight pressure against the internal place. Now, the tool is ready to feed grease to your preferred items. You don’t need to be a pro to apply to lubricate using this tool!

Product Features

Dimension – ‎ ‎‎ 9 x 5.25 x 1.5 inch

Item Weight – ‎‎ 1 pound


Hose Length – 8 inch


  • Lightweight but sturdy handle 
  • A needle nozzle for precise
  • Not prone to wasting lubricant
  • Can hold up to 3 ounces of lubricant
  • Easy to add grease within a short period
  • Best grease gun for bikes


  • Need to refill the unit if the bike’s parts need more lubricant
  • Some customers complaints the nozzle hole sometimes has blockage issues

8. Best Grease Gun For Metal Gears – DEWALT DCGG571M1 Grease Gun

Best Grease Gun For Metal Gears - DEWALT DCGG571M1 Grease Gun

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DEWALT needs no introduction in the automobile industry. If you are looking for the best grease for metal gears, DEWALT DCGG571M1 is a perfect choice. The manufacturer followed industrial grade to make this product. It seems like the right option for professional jobs. 

The unit allows you to lubricate automobile parts even in hard-to-reach spots. Even the most challenging environments will not cause any issues to its physical structure. Its internal chamber has die-cast magnesium, and its outer areas have glass fiber-reinforced plastic. 

Worry about clogging issues? This DEWALT grease gun has up to 5.0 oz/min flow rate. Handling demanding jobs will be simple. Also, it has a sensitive pressuring system. Hence, more pressure means a higher flow rate. You will also have better control. 

Product Features

Dimension – ‎ ‎‎ 23.5 x 4.31 x 13.38 inch

Item Weight – ‎‎ ‎14.8 pounds

PSI – 10000 PSI

Hose Length – 42 inch


  • An LED light works conveniently in darker conditions
  • A Pump filter screen to ensure no contamination or dirt blockage
  • A 16-ounces cartridge to lubricate several things without refilling
  • A sensitive pressuring system to control the flowing rate 
  • An air bleeder valve to ensure accurate priming from the pump system
  • Best grease for metal gears


  • May have fatigue issues from continuous running 
  • Too much pressure can be bad for some machine parts
  • An expensive option 

9. Best Grease Gun For Boat Trailers – GreaseTek Premium Pistol Grip Grease Gun

Best Grease Gun For Boat Trailers - GreaseTek Premium Pistol Grip Grease Gun

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Are you looking for a grease gun for your boat trailer at an affordable price? GreaseTek is the best grease gun for boat trailers. You can load several prime parts of the boat trailer effortlessly. Also, the handy priming gasket ensures better safety.  

Do you know what the best part is? It comes with a dual-positioning grease holder. Hence, you can hold the gun in different positions. Its lightweight construction and 18″ hose with coupler allow you to apply grease in hard-to-reach areas.

Another notable feature of this unit is knurled barrel. Controlling the grease tool seems easy. You don’t need to be concerned about slippery issues. Plus, the grease gun has a Bleeder valve to disperse air pockets smoothly. Its pistol grip makes the operation task easier too. 

Product Features

Dimension – ‎ ‎‎ 13.5 x 5 x 2.25 inch

Item Weight – ‎‎ ‎ 2.65 pounds

PSI – 4000 PSI

Hose Length – 18 inch


  • A Dual-positioning grease loader to apply grease from different positions
  • A knurled barrel to precisely control grease applications
  • Competitive price with many helpful features
  • A priming gasket to work on tighter areas 
  • A pistol grip handle to apply grease continuously for a long time
  • Best grease gun for boat trailer


  • It may leak if the grease is warm
  • Some users complained the handle spring is not highly durable 

10. Best Grease Gun For Valves – Carbyne Grease Gun

Best Grease Gun For Valves - Carbyne Grease Gun

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Do you prefer simplicity, quick operation, and affordability from a grease gun? You can’t go wrong with this Carbyne Grease Gun. The unit is compact enough to handle with one hand. Plus, it is easy to store in a small space.

The manufacturer uses anodized aluminum on its barrel. So, corrosion and rust can’t do any harm to it. In addition, this best grease for valves is made with a post-treatment method to prevent color fading issues over time. The original finish will remain for a long time. 

Many people often complain about air locking issues, especially for power-operated grease guns. Thanks to its Air Bleeder Valve, you don’t need to worry about airlock and air pockets problems. It has many handy accessories, such as a straight tub, angled tube, etc. 

Product Features

Dimension – ‎ ‎‎ ‎5.5 x 2.5 x 16 inch

Item Weight – ‎‎ ‎ 2.79 pounds

PSI – 7500 PSI

Hose Length – 18 inch


  • Easy to refill and hold the tool with its ergonomic T-handle
  • A slip-resistant rubber grip for faster cartridge changes 
  • Easy to load grease in three ways
  • A compact size to use for various purposes
  • Increased accessibility with many helpful accessories 
  • Best grease for valves


  • Not the best option for regular heavy use
  • Speed could be better, like expensive options 

Grease Gun For Automotive Equipment – Buyer’s Guide

Grease Gun For Automotive Equipment - Buyer's Guide

A cautious and conscious buyer will never buy a grease gun randomly. It takes some crucial judgment and consideration to get the best bang. 

Obviously, the price is an essential factor. But, a quality product has some distinctive features to stand out. The following are the vital factors not to overlook when buying a grease gun.


The first important aspect is to consider your grease gun type. They come in various types. You need to choose a particular option depending on your job type. 

Below are different types of grease guns and their ideal usage. 

Grease Gun TypeIdeal Using Purpose
Manual Grease GunsLow-volume greasing
Battery-Powered Grease GunsVehicles, lawnmowers, and power tools
Pneumatic Grease GunsLarger equipment and professional purposes

Pressure Rating

A grease gun comes with different pressure ratings from 3000 to 10000 psi.  Make sure it is neither too low nor too high. 

It takes a long time to apply grease with a great gun that has a lower pressure rating for sizeable automotive equipment. But too much pressure will damage sensitive machine parts. 

Loading Methods 

Three ways are available to load a grease gun with lubricant. But not all grease tools have all these loading options. Cartridges are the most simple and clean method to load grease but are a little bit costly.

Bulking is also a straightforward approach. But it takes a little time and can be messy when refilling the container. But, if you prefer efficient lubrication, the suction method is the best. After all, you get increased leverage with plenty of side levers. 

Hose Length 

Ever wondered whether the hose length of a grease gun matters? It does if you regularly work on hard-to-reach areas.  Hose length can be anywhere between 10 to 48 inches, depending on its type and model. 

But, a small hose is more convenient to store. 


Leaks are one of the most common complaints for grease guns. It is true that some expensive grease guns occasionally leak. But they don’t do as much as cheap options do. 

Choose a grease gun with a high-quality barrel, plunger, and strong seal.

Pressures and Accuracy

Compact grease guns offer more accuracy than larger ones. Small grease tools come in handy for household greasing. But you will need larger grease guns to cover heavy and massive equipment. 

Pick a grease tool that allows you to apply grease on-point spots.


Grease guns don’t last a lifetime. A dedicated one will surely last a few years easily. Choose a grease tool that has a metal-based construction with an anti-heated coating. Avoid selecting any plastic-based grease gun as they crack quickly. 

Safety Features

Safety is a must when it comes to grease guns. Many options have a locking mechanism and non-marring tips. This prevents no accidental ON. Plus, the unit will not have any self-damaging issues.

Ease of Use

You don’t need to be a pro to use a grease gun. You can precisely handle your project if it comes with a simple application approach. 

But hand-lever grease guns are the best choice for beginners. If you have already used several grease guns in the past, a battery-powered option seems a better pick.   

Pro Maintenance Tips For a Grease Gun 

1. Avoid Foreign Particles

Avoid adding foreign particles or other things while refilling the grease gun. Otherwise, it may damage one or several parts of the machine. 

2. Cover Grease Gun

Make sure to cover your grease gun when not using it. Store the gun horizontally to prevent leakage issues.

3. Safety First

Be cautious about the safety standard when refilling the grease inside the grease gun. 

4. Learn More

Learn the maximum pressure a particular machine part can handle to avoid damaging it.

5. Put Nozzle Cap

Always put the grease gun nozzle caps in place to avoid contamination from entering the cartridges.

6. Inspect Regularly

Regularly inspect the grease fittings. Make sure to replace them if they are damaged or defective.

7. Clean

Always clean your grease gun after using it. Avoid keeping it in any filthy areas. Clean the grease dispensing nozzle properly if you refill the grease gun. Make sure it doesn’t contain any dirt or contamination.

8. Read The Manual

Go through the instructional manual before using it for the first time to have a clear idea of how to use it ideally.

9. Use Proper Grease

Use the proper grease product for a particular machine part. The quantity should be precise too.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Makes The Most Reliable Grease Gun?

Bravex, Lumax, STEINBRÜCKE, Milwaukee, Lincoln, DEWALT, etc., make top-quality grease guns. In the marketing world, there are two types of greasing guns – those that rely on intuition and those that rely on empiricism.

With a short description of the grease gun industry, this article will help an individual to understand which type of grease gun is most reliable.

The data gathered from a research company will be used to answer this question and also provide a guide for you in choosing the right grease gun for your needs. This article has been prepared for an audience with limited knowledge about grease guns.

2. What Grease Do Mechanics Use?

Most mechanics use LITHIUM GREASE because they have outstanding water-resistant properties and can endure increased temperature for a long time.

Lithium Grease is an electrolyte-based Lubricant. It is used in various applications such as automobile, aerospace, automotive, industrial and agricultural. It is a good lubricant for small engines and has good thermal stability. The author discussed the benefits of lithium grease over conventional grease at this point in the essay; however, he hardly mentions traditional lubricants in his overall introduction.

The author uses the phrase “new inventions” several times to emphasize how new and innovative his materials were. He also uses several phrases which suggest that lithium grease is something different from other greases that we have known before: “Innovative,” “new,” “innovative,” etc.

He also talks about how it was developed for a particular use by a company called ‘Lithium Grease’ so we get an idea of their different approach to its development.

3. Is There a Grease Gun That Doesn’t Leak?

Grease guns that come with a leak-free design and robust coupler are less likely to leak than many other options.

4. How Do I Choose a Grease Gun?

Choosing a grease gun requires considering its type, the kind of machine parts you want to lubricate, and how much grease you want to apply. Knowing that a grease gun is one of the most valuable tools in your garage, we will give you a brief overview of its design, uses, and how you can use it in your daily working life.

It’s an electric motor that provides pressure to grease your car’s engine when needed. It may differ from different types of motors depending on the equipment used to apply pressure; however, all make sure that their products are compatible with each other and are suitable for all kinds of cars –

  • Light-reactive
  • Heavy-reactive or
  • Non-reactive cars

5. Can You Use Any Kind of Lubricant With a Grease Gun?

Heavy lubricants are the best choice for grease guns. But maintaining the correct pressure and ideal flow is crucial. Grease guns are used by the general public to clean grease off of a surface. However, this tool must be cleaned after use. Otherwise, it will just end up gumming up the mechanism.

This is not only because of corrosion but also because of the solvents and other chemicals that can be released. Hence, heavy lubricants have been proven to be much more effective than small ones for cleaning grease guns and other tools.

For example, vegetable oil has been shown to remove most sticky substances, including old paint, from a surface very efficiently in tests, even though it has a high viscosity at room temperature (180 °C/356 °F). Another component that reduces stickiness is water-based acrylic emulsions. These emulsions form droplets that can be removed with a solvent and do not promote sticking on metal surfaces due to their high viscosity when mixed with water at room temperature.

6. Which Grease Type is Better For Wheel Bearings?

 Lithium complex greases are the best choice for wheel bearings because they create a protective seal.

Final Thoughts 

When it comes to choosing the best grease gun for automotive equipment, you have a lot of options. But not all of them are reliable. The hassle is more if you buy it for the first time. However, we have covered all crucial aspects of buying a high-quality grease gun.

We have researched to recommend you the best option based on your requirement. That’s why we categorized grease guns into several sections to fulfill your high demand. Make sure to go through our buying guide and pro tips before buying a grease gun.

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