Top 10 Best Grease For Old Tractors In 2023 [With Buyer’s Guide]

Ever wondered how often you should apply grease to a tractor? It is crucial to lubricate various essential parts of a tractor after every 20 hours of operation. However, older tractors need more frequent lubrication. It can be once every 8 to 10 hours of operation. However, in this article, we will feature the best grease for old tractors available in the market. 

But choosing the best grease for old tractors is a little bit tricky job. You want to go for in-depth research to get the best bang. A quality lubricant is a must to lubricate all standard universal joints. It ensures long-lasting service life and consistent performance. 

More importantly, good-quality grease minimizes friction and vibrations as much as possible. You will experience minimal premature corrosion, wear, and failure. Here, we will walk you through top-quality greases from prominent brands. Let’s dive in without further ado! 

Top 10 Best Grease For Old Tractors

We shortlisted some items for your reference. You can check and buy instantly. Most importantly, as we always say, we do not recommend any product without prior testing. We tested these products on our own farmland and after that, we collected reviews online and assorted them. After assorting we publish articles and we do not accept the company’s test products. We buy from the market randomly and publish reviews.

Product NameLiquid VolumeFor What Purpose is the Grease Best?
Valvoline SynPower Synthetic Automotive Grease14.1 Fluid OuncesOld tractors
Lucas Oil 10301 Heavy Duty Grease14.5 Fluid OuncesMaverick X3
Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic Grease‎160 Fluid OuncesZero Turn Mower
Grease-Gard Premium Plus13.52 Fluid OuncesJohn Deere Lawn Tractor
Amsoil Synthetic Water-Resistant Grease33.8 Fluid OuncesValves
WD-40 Specialist Silicone Lubricant11 Fluid OuncesJockey Wheels
Royal Purple Ultra-Performance Grease14.1 Fluid OuncesElectric Motor Bearings
Lucas Oil 10682 Marine Grease‎3 Fluid OuncesOutboard Steering
Permatex 80078 Anti-Seize Lubricant7.98 Fluid OuncesFreewheel
Green Grease 203 Synthetic Waterproof Grease31.9 Fluid OuncesGearbox

1. Best Synthetic Grease For Old Tractors – Valvoline SynPower Synthetic Automotive Grease

Best Synthetic Grease For Old Tractors – Valvoline SynPower Synthetic Automotive Grease


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Tractors work continuously. They handle heavy workloads. Regular lubrication is crucial for them. If it is an old tractor, it requires more frequent lubrication. This high-quality grease from Valvoline is the best grease for old tractors on our list. 

The product has a Moly-fortified formula that contains molybdenum disulfide. Apart from offering a higher pressure level, it provides excellent protection against wear and tear. Several vital parts, like universal joints, wheel bearings, chassis, etc., will work smoothly. 

This high-performance lubricant can effortlessly handle unfavorable working conditions with excellent stability. After all, the manufacturer added extreme additives and mineral base oil. 

You don’t have to worry about extremely low and high temperatures. If the temperature level is low as -60°F or as high as 425°F, your tractor will still work smoothly. You can use this high-quality grease for general industrial and automotive purposes. 

Product Features

Liquid Volume – ‎ ‎14.1 Fluid Ounces

Item Weight – ‎ 0.9 Pounds

Item Form– Grease

Material – Lithium


  • A lithium-based grease provides great protection against rust, corrosion, and oxidation
  • NLGI grade to meet the minimum hardness level of the grease
  • Compatible with all U.S., European, & Japanese Vehicles
  • A Moly-fortified formula to offer increased wear protection
  • Can handle up to 425°F and -60°F temperature
  • Best grease for old tractors


  • Needs to be used within one year 
  • Not the best choice for small vehicle parts

2. Lucas Oil 10301 Heavy Duty Grease

Best Heavy Duty Grease For Tractors – Lucas Oil 10301 Heavy Duty Grease

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Are you looking for a lubricant with a longer shelf life for your Maverick X3? Then look nowhere than this Lucas Oil grease. The unit has a waterproof formula. It plays a signification role in reducing friction and wear.

 The lubricant will continuously lubricate several essential parts, even in severe or demanding conditions. You will save both maintenance and replacement costs. Plus, this best grease for maverick x3 creates a strong seal and withstands a lot of abuses from high shock loads.

You can use this Lucas Oil lubricant for different automotive, agricultural, and industrial vehicles. The product has mainly blended grease that contains calcium-based semi-fluid. It can show reliable performance to protect and lubricate the braking systems. 

Product Features

Liquid Volume – ‎ ‎14.5 Fluid Ounces

Item Weight – ‎ 0.95 Pounds

Item Form– Grease

Material – Blend


  • A waterproof formula to protect vehicle parts from friction and wear
  • Reduces maintenance and replacement costs
  • Great for protecting and lubricating the braking systems
  • Creates a solid seal for handling high-shock loads
  • A perfect choice for areas where the temperature is more than 110 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Best grease for Maverick X3


  • The packaging quality could be better
  • Not suitable for all purposes

3. Best Grease For Zero Turn Mower – Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic Grease

Best Grease For Zero Turn Mower – Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic Grease

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Zero-turn mowers work continuously for a long time. One-time lubrication lasts up to 400 hours of operation. But, you need a dedicated quality grease to protect all essential components of your lawn mower. 

This Valvoline appears to be the best grease for zero-turn mowers due to its superior rating. The lubricant contains an anti-wear (AW) additive that creates an adsorbed molecular layer on metal components.

Running the zero-turn mower, even in a highly demanding condition, will cause minimal stress and impact. Without struggling, you can operate your mowing machine in extremely low or high temperatures. Extreme weather conditions will cause no or minimal breakdown. 

What’s more, the lubricant contains extra detergents. Hence, you don’t have to be concerned about sludge and deposits. Even regular towing and hauling won’t cause any issues with your machine. 

Product Features

Liquid Volume – ‎ ‎160 Fluid Ounces

Item Weight – ‎ 9 Pounds

Item Form– Full Synthetic Oil

Material – Sodium-based formula


  • Anti-wear (AW) additive to create a protective layer on metal components
  • Full synthetic lubricant for better mileage and fuel economy
  • Minimal engine’s internal drags and frictions 
  • Long-lasting shelf life than traditional-based lubricants
  • Extra detergents to prevent sludge and deposits
  • Best grease for Zero Turn Mower


  • Oil leakage is more common 
  • Plastic-based container 

4. Best Premium Grease For Valves – Grease-Gard Premium Plus

Best Premium Grease For Valves – Grease-Gard Premium Plus

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Do you own a John Deere lawn tractor? It usually needs lubricants once every 50 hours of operation. But you want to be a little bit picky to choose compatible grease. Grease-Gard Premium Plus is perfect for John Deere lawn tractors.

The product has a Lithium complex formula. You can apply the lubricant in U-joints and axle bearings of your lawn tractor. Plus, its effective formula offers outstanding protection against vibrations for all equipment. 

Do you know why it is the best grease for a John Deere lawn tractor on our list? The lubricant ensures smooth functionality even in extremely low and high temperatures. If the temperature is as high as +167 °C or as low as –28 °C, your lawn tractor will still run continuously.

Another notable feature of this product is its extended lubrication. The grease creates a thicker layer on the metal parts, reducing friction reasonably. Plus, it has NLGI Grade 2 certification, perfect for both on- and off-road applications.

Product Features

Liquid Volume – ‎ ‎13.52 Fluid Ounces

Item Weight – ‎ 0.88 Pounds

Item Form– HD Lithium complex grease

Material – Lithium


  • Outstanding protection against increased temperatures and higher pressure
  • Minimizes vibration impacts on several running components
  • Long-lasting lubrication, up to 50+ hours of operation
  • NLGI Grade 2 to ensure more than average consistency 
  • Ideal for on- and off-road applications
  • Best grease for John Deere lawn tractor


  • Comes in a small quantity
  • Not highly available in online and offline stores 

5. Best Synthetic Water-Resistant Grease – Amsoil Synthetic Water-Resistant Grease

Best Synthetic Water-Resistant Grease – Amsoil Synthetic Water-Resistant Grease

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Why choose ordinary when you can go with an exceptional option? This Amsoil Synthetic is an excellent choice for heavy equipment and old tractors. Do you know what the best thing about this Synthetic lubricant is? It offers reduced volatility but higher thermal stability.

Don’t make the mistake of comparing this grease with traditional mineral oils. It can surpass them in both lower and higher temperature operations. Running any heavy equipment or powerful vehicles above 185 degrees F is easygoing. 

In addition, Amsoil grease has a unique formula that contains petroleum molecules. This ensures an even and smooth lubrication. Its thicker protective film protects the metal parts from regular wear and tear. People also rated it as the best grease for valves.

You are less likely to see deposit and sludge buildup. After all, the unit contains fewer impurities or contaminants than traditional mineral oils. Due to the anti-wear properties of this grease, it has a longer service life. 

Product Features

Liquid Volume – ‎ ‎33.8 Fluid Ounces

Item Weight – ‎ 0.875 Pounds

Item Form– Grease

Material – Synthetic


  • Increased protection against shock loads and heavy loads
  • Capable of handling higher pressure and temperatures
  • Petroleum molecules create a thicker protective film  
  • Maintains a higher flowability rate with lower temperatures
  • Minimal formation of deposit and sludge buildup
  • Higher flashing point to ensure reduced flammability


  • A little bit pricey
  • It a slightly tricky to put grease inside the gun

6. Best Grease For Jocky Wheels – WD-40 Specialist Silicone Lubricant

Best Grease For Jocky Wheels – WD-40 Specialist Silicone Lubricant

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Jockey wheels usually require lubrication once every six months. But if you use your bike daily, especially in demanding conditions, it needs lubricants more often. This WD-40 appears to be the best grease for jockey wheels. 

The silicone grease adds a protective and waterproof coating on the metal surfaces. Worry about stains? Thanks to its fast-drying formula, it takes only a few minutes to create a transparent and hard film. 

Do you know what the best advantage of this silicone lubricant is? Handing extreme temperatures, pressures, and loads is easygoing for this grease. It offers decent thermal stability to operate bikes in increased temperatures. 

Also, the WD-40 lubricant has outstanding fluidity. Hence, you can effortlessly run your bike in lower temperatures. The grease improves the overall mileage efficiency of your motorcycle by lubricating and protecting the Jockey wheels. It can be counted as one of the best grease for old tractors in this century.

Product Features

Liquid Volume – ‎ ‎11 Fluid Ounces

Item Weight – ‎ 0.8 Pounds

Item Form– Grease

Material – Silicone


  • Creates a waterproof and protective coating to safeguard metal parts
  • A quick-drying formula to create a clear and hard layer rapidly
  • A decent performance against extreme temperatures, pressures, and loads
  • Impressive thermal stability against higher temperatures
  • Comes with a smart straw spray system to apply lubricant easily 
  • Best grease for jockey wheels


  • Service life could be longer
  • No lock option in the spraying system 

7. Best Synthetic Grease For Electric Motor Bearing – Royal Purple Ultra-Performance Grease

Best Synthetic Grease For Electric Motor Bearing – Royal Purple Ultra-Performance Grease

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When choosing a lubricant for electric motor bearings, you need to be picky. Not all options work for them. After considering many experts’ opinions, we finally chose the best grease for electric motor bearings. 

Electric motor bearings need lubrication every 6 to 8 hours if used in highly demanding conditions. But the gap could be two weeks or as high as two years. It usually depends on the bearings’ speed and your maintenance approach. 

The unit has a flash point of 221 Degrees Celsius. It ensures maximum protection against safety hazards. Plus, the Royal Purple grease decreases the vibrations and noises of electric motor bearings.

Achieving control-free motion and smooth functionality is what you will love about this quality lubricant. Most importantly, Synthetic oil increases the overall bearing life. Regular washout and emulsion will affect its coating since it has a water-resistant formula. 

Product Features

Liquid Volume – ‎ ‎14.1 Fluid Ounces

Item Weight – ‎ 0.93 Pounds

Item Form– Grease

Material – Synthetic


  • Highly versatile to use on various bearings and regular purposes
  • Not prone to get affected by water washout and emulsion 
  • Increased dropping point and impressive oxidation stability
  • Capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures
  • Ensures optimal safety between lubrication intervals
  • Best grease for electric motor bearings


  • Prone to liquefy any regular leftover grease inside the gun
  • A slight leakage in the plastic baggies

8. Best Marine Grease For Outboard Steering – Lucas Oil 10682 Marine Grease

Best Marine Grease For Outboard Steering – Lucas Oil 10682 Marine Grease

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Are you searching for quality grease to lubricate your boat’s metal parts? Components like outboard steering require lubrication once every three months. But, if you regularly use the boat for a long time, more frequent lubrication is necessary. 

The grease comes with an effective water-resistant formula. Hence, freshwater and saltwater environments will not cause any harm to the outboard steering. You will not see the formation of rust and corrosion. 

It is best to apply the grease after every long trip. Make sure to get off the excess if applied mistakenly. You can use the lubricant on wheel bearings and fittings. The grease is not prone to melt. Hence, you don’t have to be concerned about severe marine operations.

This best grease for outboard steering offers outstanding protection against friction and vibration as the substances stick to the metal parts for an extended period. In addition, you can use the Lucas lubricant on various pneumatic air tools.

Product Features

Liquid Volume – ‎ ‎3 Fluid Ounces

Item Weight – ‎ 0.2 Pounds

Item Form– Grease

Material – Blend


  • 550-degree drop point to prevent going to a liquid state quickly
  • Comes in three tubes to reduce the hassle of buying repeatedly
  • Impressive performance in both freshwater and saltwater
  • Sticks on the metal parts for a long time
  • Ideal for various small tasks and pneumatic air tools
  • Best grease for outboard steering


  • Emptying the tube is a little bit hard
  • Small-sized tubes

9. Best Grease For Freewheel – Permatex 80078 Anti-Seize Lubricant

Best Grease For Freewheel – Permatex 80078 Anti-Seize Lubricant

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When lubricating freewheels, we often feel confused about choosing a reliable option. Freewheels for mountain bikes require lubrication once every 100 miles. This anti-seize lubricant can be a game changer to lubricate your bike freewheels.

The product has a unique formula. It is a combination of aluminum, copper, and graphite substances. Plus, its anti-seize properties protect against rust, corrosion, and oxidation. You can apply the grease on various metal parts to assemble and disassemble them. 

This best grease for freewheel will keep metal parts protected from extremely low or higher temperatures. Its temperature range is -80°F to 1600°F. It is not hard to see why many bikers fan this anti-seize lubricant.

Once you apply the grease in freewheels creates a secure seal and sticks on the metal components to decrease vibrations and friction. You can use the product for winches, bearings, hatch hinges, pumps, etc. It provides ample protection against weather influences too.

Product Features

Liquid Volume – ‎ ‎7.98 Fluid Ounces

Item Weight – ‎ 0.5 Pounds

Item Form– Grease

Material – Blend


  • An anti-seize formula to resist rust, corrosion, and oxidation
  • A combination of aluminum, copper, and graphite substances for more effectiveness
  • Comes with a brush top bottle for easy application
  • Extremely low and higher temperature handling capabilities
  • Ease assembling and disassembling of metal parts
  • Best grease for freewheel


  • The brush is not user-friendly 
  • A little bit messy to clean up

10. Best Waterproof High Temperature Grease For Gearbox – Green Grease 203 Synthetic Waterproof Grease

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Synthetic greases are the best choice for items like gears and gearboxes. They show reliable performance in low temperatures. Gearboxes usually need lubrication once every 4 weeks or 500 hours of operation. 

But choosing suitable grease is essential. It prevents damaging the gears and ensures optimal performance. Its extreme heat-enduring capacity makes it a top choice for severely demanding jobs. You can use the lubricant even in a wet environment. 

One thing we liked about this best grease for the gearbox is the tackiness and thicker layer. Once you apply the lubricant correctly in the correct quantity, it provides optimal protection against wear and tear.

Additionally, the Green Grease 203 is pretty versatile. You can use this all-rounder lubricant for boats, lawnmowers, trailers, hose fittings, wheel bearings, etc. It is not hard to see why the product got so much positive user feedback.  

Product Features

Liquid Volume – ‎ ‎31.9 Fluid Ounces

Item Weight – ‎ 0.56 Pounds

Item Form– Grease

Material – Synthetic Lithium


  • Highly versatile in using various vehicles, equipment, and household items
  • Compatible with wet environments
  • Prevents damaging the gears and gearboxes
  • Creates a tacky thick layer for increased protection
  • Ensures minimal wear and tear from a regular heavy operation
  • Best grease for gearbox


  • A little bit stinky
  • May not fit in some mini grease guns

Grease For Old Tractors – Buyer’s Guide

Not all greases are made equally. More importantly, each of them is not suitable for all purposes. You want to choose a particular option depending on your requirements. 

However, you can’t overlook some critical attributes regardless of the grease you choose. The followings are some crucial factors for the best grease for old tractors.  


The first key aspect is considering the functionality of the lubricant. They perform some essential tasks to ensure optimal operation.

These greases usually protect the metal parts from extreme pressures, temperatures, vibrations, wear and tear, friction, etc. However, not all of them have these attributes. Make sure you are well aware of the lubricant you choose. 

Water Resistance

Grease must have water-resistance properties if you regularly use your old tractors in muddy conditions. Otherwise, its stickiness will become loose when it is exposed to water.

You will have to use lubricating grease more often, making it less economical. Greases with appropriate water resistance properties offer excellent protection against corrosion, rust, and oxidation.

Servicing Life

How often should you change the grease for old tractors?  

It usually depends on the operating conditions. But the standard time is 50 hours of operation. However, if you run the tractor in excessively wet or muddy conditions, 10 hours of lubrication interval seems appropriate. 

Shelf Life 

How long can you use grease? The shelf life of a lubricant usually depends on the storage conditions. However, if you don’t break the seal, the product can last up to 5 years.

Once you start using the grease, it is best to empty the unit within 12 months. Lubricants usually degrade their quality over time as they are exposed to air. 

Right Grease Consistency

When it comes to lubricants, an ideal grease consistency is crucial. It should be neither too low nor too high.

For example, grease will supply lubricating fluid quickly if it has lower consistency. It will result in energy loss and higher temperatures. 

In contrast, higher grease consistency will add fluid slowly to the machine components that won’t be able to reduce friction and vibrations effectively.

But what is the ideal grease consistency? It varies depending on the NLGI Grade.

NLGI GradeAnalogyASTM Worked Penetration (60x)
000Ketchup445 - 475
00Yogurt400 - 430
000Mustard355 - 385
1Tomato Paste310 - 340
2Peanut Butter265 -295
3Margarine Spread220 -250
4Hard Ice Cream175 - 205
5Fudge130 - 160
6Cheddar Cheese85 - 115

Operating Temperature Range

The standard operating temperature for grease is 250° F. But, it can be as high as 625° F, depending on the grease type, formula, and ingredients. 

In contrast, the dropping point of the Lubricating Grease is around 180° – 200° F. Before choosing a particular lubricant, calculate the maximum and minimum temperature you operate your vehicle or equipment. 

Simple application approach

Wasting grease is not a good practice. Lubricants that are simple-to-apply cause minimal wastage. As a result, you can replace the old grease more effortlessly. Apart from saving money, it is eco-friendly.

Since our experts have gone through in-depth research, we have chosen easy-to-apply lubricants.

Pressure Performance 

Not all greases can endure the same level of pressure. Many of them start becoming tin due to excessive pressure. It is a common scenario when you operate your old tractor with intense consideration. 

If you usually operate industrial-grade tractors or automotive equipment, choose a grease gun that supports high-pressure applications. We have listed many above. You can choose any of them depending on your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Type of Grease Should I Use on My Tractor?

Moly or molybdenum disulfide greases are the best tractors and industrial-grade heavy equipment choices. Some Tractor grease options include synthetic grease, lightweight grease, and tractor heavy-weight grease.

Synthetic Grease: This oil is typically used on older and easier-to-maintain tractors. Synthetic greases tend to be made with petroleum-based materials and can be found in both a liquid or paste form.

Light Weight Grease: This oil is often used on newer tractors that need lubricating machines that are more sensitive to heat and friction. Light greases typically contain materials such as vegetable oils, animal fats, petroleum oils, or powdered metals mixed with a carrier material.

Tractor Heavy Weight Grease: This oil is used on larger tractors with high torque usage or if the machine has been exposed to abrasive materials in its environment (such as dirt). The heavy-weight greases are often filled with particles such as graphite or molybdenum oxide for protection against wear and tear.

2. What’s The Best Grease For Farm Equipment?

Greases with NLGI #2 Grade are the best for farm equipment because they can handle a more extensive temperature range than other options.

Grease is a thick, viscous mixture of oils and silicone that is used to provide a protective surface film between moving gears and wheels during operation. It has many uses in reality, and it’s important to know the best type of grease for your particular application.

3. What Kind of Grease Does John Deere Recommend?

Grease-Gard Premium Plus is one of the best choices for John Deere to lubricate vital parts, such as U-joints, axle bearings, and other metal parts.

4. What Type of Grease Should I Use on a Kubota Tractor?

Moly-Lithium All-Purpose Heavy Duty Grease is one of the best choices for Kubota tractors to handle higher pressure levels in severe working conditions.

5. How often Should a Tractor be Greased?

It is best to apply grease to a tractor once every 50 hours of operation. But intense working conditions will result in shorter lubrication intervals.

This writing aims to provide insight into how often a tractor should be greased. To answer this question, we will look at the different factors that contribute to the lifespan of a tractor.

First, the type of tractor plays an essential role in how long it lasts. More specifically, some types will last longer than others.

Then we’ll look at what happens when it needs grease: either you grease it, or you don’t. If you don’t grease it for some time and then decide to do so, your tractor’s lifespan goes by about 1/2.

If one decides not to grease their tractor, they might as well forget about it and get a new one because there’s no chance of bringing an old one back from death’s doorstep.

6. When Should You Not Use Moly grease?

Avoid using Moly grease if there is too much water ingress in different parts of your vehicles or automotive equipment.

Moly is a type of grease that is used in the engine. It improves fuel efficiency and reduces carbon monoxide emissions. It also helps prevent corrosion and wear.

Although Moly is suitable for use in engines found in automobiles, motorcycles, lawnmowers, and boats, it should be avoided when lubricating chainsaws or other cutting tools. It can get very hot in these kinds of applications and cause the chainsaw to seize up quickly.

7. What Type of Lubrication is Used in Large Tractors?

15W-40 and 20W-40 are popular choices for large tractors as they minimize contaminations and ensure a smooth working environment.

Final Thoughts 

So, which option appeared to be the best grease for old tractors? Undoubtedly, all lubricants listed above are high quality and offer increased protection to any vehicle or automotive equipment. However, they are suitable for particular tasks. 

Before choosing a particular option, determine what factors you give more priority and what less. Also, consider your working conditions and frequency of using the tractor or other equipment. 

Regardless of your option, it must fulfill your greasing requirements and protect critical moving parts of your tractor. Hopefully, the above guideline helped you choose a good-quality grease depending on your needs.

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